Главная 7 Spring nursery rhymes for moms on March 8

Spring nursery rhymes for moms on March 8

Children’s poems for March 8

Spring nursery rhymes for moms on March 8

March 8 mdash; the most light and spring holiday. Of course, on this day all boys and men hasten to congratulate their beloved and close girls and women, moms, sisters and grandmothers. And how nice it is when children on this day tell congratulatory poems! We offer a selection of children’s poems to my mother on March 8.

Mom, happy holiday! Spring

Awakened from a dream.

Let the sun shine in the window

And wrinkles will not notice.

There will be plenty of health,

Has not touched that alarm,

Let surrounded by good people

And may it always be so!

With Dad we decided a long time ago

Mom on a holiday to surprise.

Washed, ironed, cooked

And, of course,

What can I say about this!

Mom praised us

I cleaned up.

I congratulate Mom

With the holiday I want

I will do for my mother

I’ll take my table,

Together with the doll Nina

Although plasticine,

But after all, treat.

Our gift to mom

We put on the table

Together with the doll Nina

I gift a multicolored

To give a gift to my mother.

I tried, I drew

But first I’m on red

I pressed too hard,

And then, for the red immediately

And then the blue broke,

At any moment they are ready to embrace.

Playing, my hair is gently ruffled,

Bake pies on the day off in the morning,

Funny legs tickle in bed,

When I do not want to wake up myself.

Pat your dresses, shirts and pants

And then another job will be found.

I stroked my mother's tired hands, mdash;

Let them rest for a bit.

I thought up someone who was visible on the move,

That mother's day is only one a year.

I do not agree with the opinion,

May your mother be every day of yours!

I promise to help you,

Wash dishes, cook and wash.

You can not enumerate everything here in words.

How hard is it to be in time, but what about mom?

I love my mother,

I'll help Mama.

In the store for bread bullet

I'll run today.

Quickly wash the dishes,

For guests I will put a table,

With a rag, I will wipe out dust everywhere,

To the holiday came to us!

I put flowers in a vase

And I'll write a postcard,

About the fault all at once

I'll tell Mamule.

I'll kiss my mother,

I'll hug Mammy,

Mom good such

I will not give it to anyone!

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  • Spring nursery rhymes for moms on March 8
  • Spring nursery rhymes for moms on March 8