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So still WHAT TO DO WITH WRITTEN? Mom’s the boys please help! Forum

So still WHAT TO DO WITH WRITTEN. Moms of boys I ask for help.

I always read / believed that boys do not need to open the penis head for up to 3-4 years. For hygiene, it is enough to have a shower, a bath, a normal hygienic procedure and nothing else.

When a masseuse came to us at 1.5 months – she said that we should open it up quietly, when we take a bath in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Tried – we all opened. I did not touch anything else, because the massage was regular. But since last massage 3 months have passed and I decided to do this after the bathroom. very carefully, I was not even going to fully open the head – when suddenly I saw the blood. how I felt bad – I think you imagine. I immediately found the peroxide, everything stopped, it did not cause any discomfort for the child during and after. then I write an anointed “quot; rescuer quot ;, because I saw nebrloe reddening, which was no longer on the second day! Now I’m terribly afraid – my son is not sick at being sick, not red, writing does not interfere. Now most likely I will definitely decide on circumcision. but what to do with pisyunom. touch or not and how.

To ALL all responded THANKS.

What are they? For example, a baby can be seriously hampered by urination, when the stream is very thin flow and the foreskin is inflated. Or he is worried about frequent inflammations: redness, flushing, swelling, down to purulent discharge from the foreskin – the so-called balanoposthitis. By the way, most often these phenomena occur in allergic children.