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Micellar water L 039 Oreal Absolute tenderness, face and body care

Today my review will be about micellar water. Many, perhaps, have already seen this novelty, and many, probably, have already acquired it. But this is my first acquaintance with cosmetics of this kind, so there is nothing to compare with. I will describe what conclusions I made for myself.

Packaging, as for me, is so very simple, considering that this is L’Oreal.

Large bottle of transparent color, rectangular shape with a white cap.

On the reverse side there is information about the product, its composition and so on.

After opening the bottle must be used within six months.

The dispenser is quite convenient, it allows you to vary the amount of product.

The price is about 5 cu

Consistency and flavor

Externally, micellar water looks like ordinary water, clear and liquid. But if the bottle is shaken, the water bubbling.

The fragrance is there, but it is so light that it is almost not noticeable. It is not even clear what it smells like.

Her taste is also present – a little bitter.

I use some water especially for removing makeup from my face and in the morning before applying it.

I put some water on a cotton pad and wipe my face, eyes, lips.

The procedure does not cause discomfort. Stickiness on the skin is not felt. The eyes do not sting.

The packaging says that the water does not require rinsing. But any competent dermatologist and cosmetologist will say the opposite! Therefore, I do not leave her on the face.

I found no flaws, except that it washes off the waterproof makeup with difficulty. Therefore, immediately proceed to the description of its merits.

I have identified several advantages for myself.

1. Vodichka absolutely not greasy.

2. Does not contain alcohol and alcohol.

3. The skin does not tighten.

5. Skin soothes.

6. Suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

7. Cosmetics perfectly removes (tone, powder, eye shadow, blush, mascara, lipstick).

8. Irritation does not cause either the face or the mucous membrane of the eyes.

9. After using it, the skin becomes tender and moisturized.

10. Spent sparingly.

11. Reasonable price.

My first experience with micellar water is very positive.

I liked the water and I can recommend it for purchase. In addition, a large amount and affordable price.

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