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Masks for oily skin, facial and body care

The problem of oily skin is confronted by many women, and men too. Even with the combined type of the forehead, nose, chin – are problematic. But with the help of various means you can equalize the situation.

I have just a combination skin, so I do not mask the entire area of ​​the face, but on the problem areas.

Mask with beer yeast for oily skin

One of the most frequently used masks is based on brewer’s yeast.

I buy beer yeast in pills, grind them into a powder in a mortar or with two identical tablespoons. For the mask I have enough 1 tbsp. spoons of brewer’s yeast powder obtained.

The second component of this mask is freshly squeezed juice of any berries or fruits. I most often have it either lemon juice or currant, less often – cranberry.

To combine the powder with the juice, stir until smooth, you can add a little drinking cold water. The mass should not be very thick.

I apply this mask only on the problem areas of the face – forehead, nose, chin. And I make myself comfortable on the sofa, including relaxing music. In my opinion, the care of appearance should always be accompanied by a positive inner spirit. Only in this case success is guaranteed =)

I wash the mask off with cool (but not cold) water after 15 minutes. Lightly blot with a clean towel.

This mask dries problem areas of the skin, and also gives a small brightening effect.

White clay masks for oily skin

Another mask I often use is white clay.

The fact is that I choose for myself masks not only by the result of the action, but also on the basis of their composition. In favorites I have those masks, the ingredients for which I almost always have in stock.

Since I am preparing handmade soap, I often use cosmetic clay. Hence the choice of these masks.

To make this mask, I dilute ½ tablespoon of white clay powder with sour milk. It should turn out consistency, reminiscent of a thick cream.

I apply this mixture again to my problem areas. And wash off after 10 minutes with a damp cotton swab.

This mask not only dries the skin, but also has an excellent cleansing effect.

Option number 2

For another version of the white clay mask, I add 1 teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of honey and a little cold boiled water to ½ tablespoon of white clay powder.

Stir the mass until smooth, you should get the consistency of sour cream. I also apply it for 10 minutes on the forehead, nose and chin, then wash it off with cool water.

After that, it is better to wipe these areas with a slice of lemon.

This mask narrows the pores, so it gives a tightening and smoothing effect.

Cosmetic mask for oily skin

From cosmetic products for oily skin care, I liked the Anti-toxines mask of the Russian cosmetics company Akkort.

When I chose a mask, I first turned my attention to the composition. I liked the fact that among the ingredients there are extracts of birch, sage, calendula, lemon, blue clay.

The mask action is not prolonged – it tightens the pores for some time. In my opinion, this is better, since it is a skin-friendly option.

There is a slight tingling during application. The smell is pleasant due to the contained essential oils of orange and grapefruit, as well as menthol.

At first I tried to apply it on the forehead, nose and chin. But after a while she noticed that she dries the skin on her chin. The fact is that my forehead and nose are fatter. The effect is the best on them.

I use the mask 1-2 times a week. I apply on the area of ​​a forehead and a nose which is previously processed by tonic for 15 minutes, and then I wash off cool water.

The mask cleans the pores of oily skin well, without tightening it. The skin becomes smooth. I bought this mask for 170 rubles, in a bottle of 50 ml.

And what tools do you use to care for oily skin?

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