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How to smooth wrinkles under the eyes, face and body care

About 4 years ago, somehow when talking with my mother, she became very tense and became serious, peering into my eyes. I was confused.

Crow’s feet

To my dumb question, my mother replied that I had crow’s feet under my eyes. In the evening of the same day, at home, I examined my skin in front of the mirror. Wrinkles were not. And I smiled, delighted. With a smile, light wrinkles were clearly visible right under the eyes, closer to the corners.

After I thought mom was talking about some kind of permanent wrinkles, I did not attach importance to goose paws. This is from emotions. Passed a couple of years. And I realized that wrinkles with a smile became more, and they clearly became deeper. Then I bought a special cream.

At first there was an allergy, the skin tingled, although at first I took it as a positive effect from the cream. From a couple of other effects, I did not notice at all. Then she acquired a skin cream around the eyes of the brand Shizeydo. It was pleasant to me and, while I used it, wrinkles did not deepen.

View from the outside

In a storm of various cases, there was not enough time for self-care. She fell asleep in the evening immediately and forgot to use the cream. She came back in a year and a half. From the north of our country came an acquaintance with the family, with whom I had last seen already 1.5 years ago.

Her husband took a photo of us and promised to send a photo by e-mail. While admiring the photographs, I recalled our meeting: mother, sister, acquaintance and I in the picture smiled happily at the camera.

The eyes are the window to the soul, that’s what they say. They sparkled, and then I noticed that I had many wrinkles around my eyes, not only in the corners of my eyes, but also very deep at the beginning of the eyes, and even in the center under the eyes, they were strongly visible even from a distance.

I began to reassure myself that it was only with a smile, and compared with the wrinkles of the others in the picture. Then I became even sadder, with my sister and my friend, who were 2 and 5 years older than me, respectively, the wrinkles were much less visible. Stronger they were expressed only in mom.

Where to run? Where to hide?

I was scared: what will happen to me further if now I already have so many wrinkles? When the panic passed, armed with a mouse, I began to wool the Internet in search of an answer.

They offered folk remedies that took a lot of time, which I don’t have. Next, special expensive cream with acids. There was a Botox option, but this is unacceptable for me. Injections from a cosmetologist, who allegedly were not Botox, but did not suit me either.

Here it is – the feather of the Firebird!

I began to look for the reason that older women do not have such strong problems with wrinkles around the eyes. And she found, my skin is dry and forgetfulness in the care for her is critical. The skin has so drained over these 1.5 years that everything has affected the appearance.

Then I attacked the trail of the desired method. Stone oil is very nutritious and well moisturizes the skin, is recommended just for the prevention and treatment of wrinkles, helps to replenish sebum, restore skin elasticity, softness and firmness.

Stone oil includes apricot, peach, grape seed oil, almond and plum. Some of them also have protection from the harmful effects of the sun on the skin.

I had a peach at home, with which I began to fight wrinkles.

Wrinkle Treatment

As for me, it is so simple and inexpensive, and most importantly, effective. It does not brew, filter and mix masks from plants. No need to spend money on expensive cream.

Every evening, 2 hours before bedtime, I lightly patted peach oil on the problem areas of the skin under the eyes with fingertips.

During this time, the upper layers of the skin have enough time to get enough of the necessary vitamins and nutrients. But you need to nourish the deeper layers of the skin for long-term effect and full moisturizing of the skin.

Because I left the oil for the night, only wetting off the excess peach oil with a soft napkin so that my eyes did not look swollen. At the same time, consistency is important. To skin is sufficiently moisturized. The long-term treatment of the skin depends on how dry it is.

The older – the younger

I saw a serious change after 3 months of constant moisturizing and nourishing the skin with peach oil. With a smile, wrinkles are noticeable in the corners of the eyes, but much less than it was 3 months ago.

When my face expresses joyful emotions in the middle of the eyes, the wrinkles are not visible at all, but at the beginning of the skin under the eyes they are barely noticeable, and in fact there were some obvious ones. It turns out they smoothed out! I was very pleased with the result and now I will continue moisturizing my skin with oil further.

Suddenly, when meeting a man, I will smile and he will not see wrinkles at all! 🙂

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