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How to care for the neckline and neck at home, face and body care

Unfortunately, most women pay more attention to facial skin care than to the neckline and neck. We all actively monitor the condition of the skin and prevent the appearance of rashes, but not everyone remembers the neck. And very vain!

That neck treacherously tells about the age of a woman. Especially striking changes are seen in cases where a woman is actively caring for herself, but does not monitor the state of the décolleté area.

Habit is holy

Neck care should become a habit just like washing in the morning. These procedures do not take a lot of time for me in a long time and, moreover, give a lot of pleasure, because each woman likes to feel young and attractive.

The more actively you follow the skin of the neck and décolleté, the better you will treat yourself and your body. I do not know about you, but I will not allow the skin to get an unattractive look in a couple of years.

And the results are

As soon as you notice the first results, the process of leaving will go faster and easier. You will be confident in the benefits of the procedures performed, and, therefore, their implementation will bring joy and moral satisfaction.

Recently, I went to visit a friend who works as a beautician. Once again, I flunked her with a mass of questions. This time, the main topic was caring for the neck and décolleté. Now I am in a hurry to share with you my new, and in some cases not new, knowledge.

Learning to enjoy life

To always look young neck, you need to organize the right care. Never walk down the street, looking down at the asphalt. Proudly lift your chin and enjoy the contemplation of the beauties around you.

Wonderful trees, colorful landscapes and amazing architecture – is it possible to miss such charms?

Probably, you do not understand, and here skin of a neck and a decollete zone? In fact, the relationship is obvious.

While lifting the head and neck turns, the muscles are actively working, and the skin becomes more toned, elastic and elastic. If you lower your shoulders all the time, slouch and look under your legs, these muscles will atrophy and wrinkles will appear.

Homemade recipes

Sometimes in order to preserve the beauty of the neck and décolleté, it is not at all necessary to regularly visit a beautician and pay for expensive procedures. I always try to maximize the use of what is at hand.

For example, one of my favorite remedies is the application of fruit and berry masks on the skin. Such procedures are especially relevant in the summer, when nature presents us with many different fruits.

Among my favorite masks – strawberry and currant. Strawberry perfectly brightens and whitens the skin, making it fresh. Currant intensively nourishes and moisturizes the skin, gives it smoothness and elasticity.

For lovers of homemade recipes, I can still recommend a mask of sour cream, cucumber, lemon and egg yolk. The mixture is applied for 20 minutes. Such a tool not only rejuvenates, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, but also whitens it.

Do not forget about gymnastics

I always, when there is an extra minute, do a special gymnastics for the neck. Agree, the second chin – not the most pleasant sight. That is why you need to get rid of it before it appears.

I make circular rotations, push my chin forward, stretch my neck. It is also useful to pronounce the sounds at which the neck is actively working, for example, O, S. Each time a set of exercises is different, and all the neck muscles work.

Shop Tools

Of course, I love homemade recipes, but I don’t refuse to buy store supplies. In winter, when the skin dries out and is often irritated, I will definitely use a nourishing cream and make special masks.

Well, where without massage

Frankly, I do not massage every day. As a rule, once every two or three days. But for that, my skin tells me a big thank you. In fact, it is not difficult to make a massage, but also pleasant. The main thing is to make it an integral part of your life.

At first I gently stroke the neck, preparing it for a massage. Then, with my palm, I press on the cervical vertebrae from behind, tilt the neck and make about ten rotational movements with the knuckles.

Do not forget that the neck and decollete are no less important than the face. They also require care and attention. I hope my advice will help you avoid problems and stay young and beautiful for many years.

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