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How I take care of the skin around the eyes, face and body care

I always liked the phrase: The eyes are the mirror of the soul. I think the desire for beauty and that, and the other one does not attend me alone =) Therefore, I always want to have a fresh look and good, well-groomed skin around the eyes.

Fresh look and compresses for the night

I will begin with the very sight, which is influenced by the general state of health and vital attitude.

With regard to health, then the eyes need sufficient lighting for any work, often to ventilate the room, good food, sleep and breaks in work.

This is especially true in our time, when the work or hobby of many is connected with the computer. In my case, this is both.

For a better rest for the eyes and moisturize the skin around the eyes, I used to use cornflower blue compresses before bedtime.

1 teaspoon of cornflower blue petals pour a glass of boiling water and leave for 20 minutes, covered with a lid. Nothing particularly difficult.

Well, when the pharmacy packaging ends or is very tired, then I use just compresses with tea brewing.

In both cases, wetting cotton discs and put on the eyelids for 10 minutes. In the morning, a completely different feeling! And if you also get enough sleep, then it’s generally gorgeous =)

Feature of the skin around the eyes

I think that the skin around the eyes requires special care, it is clear to everyone. But in order to properly take care of it, you need to know its features. In my opinion, two factors play a primary role here.

The first. The skin in this area is thinner and softer than in other places.
Second. It contains significantly less adipose tissue and muscle fibers.

Based on this, it is clear that it is most susceptible to stretch marks, the appearance of wrinkles and premature aging.

For a long time I watched my acquaintances, from the same age and older. Almost everyone uses this or that cosmetics, albeit in different quantities. But often, in spite of expensive face creams, tonics and skins, it was the area around the eyes that left much to be desired.

I thought about why this is happening? And after talking with my friends about eye care, I clearly understood the reason. It’s all about the wrong make-up removal.

How to remove makeup?

First, many people save on liquid / milk makeup remover or simply neglect this care product. And absolutely in vain. Since this area is very sensitive, then cosmetics should be special. And certainly not the water that comes from our tap.

So … I always begin by applying makeup remover on my eyelashes and eyelids (if applied only on eyelashes, the procedure becomes more complicated). I prefer a liquid consistency, so I do not really like milk for this purpose.

Separate talk about cotton and cotton discs. I always use the latter. And not just because of convenience, but because in this case I do not suffer, as with cotton, from the fibers in the eye.

The disc must be wet but not wet. Those. when squeezing it with your fingers, the cosmetic should not drain.

First of all I take a mascara from my eyelashes, moving in the direction from the bottom up. After that, I change the wadded disk to a new one, with which I already remove the remains of mascara between the cilia. The direction of movement should be strictly from the outer corner of the eye to the inner (equally for cleansing the upper and lower eyelashes).

Then, with a fresh disc, I take a pencil (if any) and a shadow with a base. From the lower eyelid in the same direction as when washing the carcass, but from the upper eyelid, on the contrary – from the inner corner of the eye to the outside.

Of course, all movements should be soft and smooth. After all, makeup removal is not just the removal of cosmetic residues, but also the care of sensitive skin around the eyes.

It is important to remember that by removing the makeup correctly, we are preventing against the appearance of premature wrinkles and stretching of this thin delicate skin.

After makeup removal

After removing the makeup, wash the eyelids well again with tea brewing or the same cornflower-red infusion. This and care, and antiseptic.

And once a week after makeup removal I add a little salt to this infusion. When the skin dries, apply a cream to care for the area around the eyes. It should be gentle and nourishing. I use this cream for young skin.

Cream impose fingertips, light tapping movements. The direction of movement when applying it is the same as when removing shadows: in the upper eyelid – from the inner to the outer corner, in the lower eyelid – vice versa.

And one more thing – it is better to apply a little away from the eyelashes, so that the cream does not get into the eyes. And then in this case, threatens, though temporary, but redness, in addition to discomfort. And this will make its own adjustments to a fresh and healthy look.

And what tools do you use when caring for the area around the eyes?

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