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Honey massage, facial and body care

According to my observations over the past year and a half, honey massage has gained obvious popularity. But such widespread and debatable forums can be either with a plus sign or with a minus sign. I tried to figure it out.

When my fellow student Marina went to Ukraine to her bosom friend Anya for the May holidays, I thought that they would walk around the city endlessly, considering monuments and other sights that are available during the holidays.

On the third day of Marinina’s trip, having learned in advance the cost of outgoing calls from my mobile operator, I decided to tinkle her, at least to ask how she flew and got settled.

I flew perfectly, got settled too. But they decided to prefer exploring the city to go outside the city to Anya’s parents. I was a little surprised. Marina only told me that they had a great time and would tell everything on arrival.

It turned out that Ani’s parents keep their apiary, and Anya, having worked as a manager for several years, decided to use her economic education in another way – to make a bet on the honey business.

Now he is in their family sense. Both parents and daughter are engaged in honey, only the older generation gets it, and the younger one literally rubs people =))

Honey massage – good or bad?

I could not hide a little skepticism when we met with Marina after her trip, and she started talking about honey massage. To which she immediately told me: Wait! I also thought it was nonsense. I decided to give a person a talk.

According to Marina, according to Ani, many negative reviews about honey massage come from the fact that often the so-called masters of honey massage do it wrong.

Most often, women go to this procedure and with a specific goal – remove cellulite from the problematic areas, on which they are now all overlaid =)

It turns out that two or three specific zones are subjected to a massage, or even one. And this is fundamentally wrong.

The fact is that the effect of any massage is based on the fact that blood flows to the massaged zones. And honey accelerates metabolic processes, contributes to an increase in temperature and even greater blood flow.

If you do this massage on a particular area, then it is too strong a load, which quite often provokes an exacerbation of chronic diseases.

This is especially true for people with problems with the cardiovascular and nervous system. Therefore, having got to the non-professional, you can not solve the problems, but on the contrary – to acquire new ones or to disturb the old ones.

Proper honey massage is a full body massage. However, honey itself massaged only those areas that are most important to have an impact. All other parts of the body may well do without honey, but not without the massage itself, since the effect on the body must be complete.

Honey massage technique

After the general warming massage which the expert has to execute without oil, the turn of honey comes. It is applied now to problem areas and begin to rub.

A certain part of the honey is absorbed by the skin in the very first minutes, but the rest is getting thicker and simple rubbing is no longer possible, so the technique changes.

What technique to use – it depends on the specialist and on the sensitivity of the client. Anya uses different sticking-sticking techniques.

At first she presses fingertips to the part of the body with honey applied. This is the most benign stage. Further, it sticks and sticks off the entire surface of the fingers, as well as the ribs of the palms. At this stage, the nature of these actions is soft, smooth.

For those clients whose pain threshold and desire allow you to go further in this technique, Anya uses sticking and sticking all over the palm surface. At first, too, with soft movements, and then sharp otdrgivaniyami, which is much more painful.

And the final stage is sticking with both hands at once. But this rarely comes to this. Although there are such people – either with iron willpower, or ready to endure everything to achieve the goal.

In any case, before you go for such a massage, you need to know what to expect there. And decide for yourself at what stage you should stop.

After honey massage

There are several conditions that you definitely need to know and perform after a honey massage to get the desired effect, and most importantly, do not harm the body.

Shower after massage

In this moment, a violation of the correctness of the massage occurs again, since not all the salons are equipped with shower cabins and, as a result, cannot offer the client to take a shower. And the client does not know and does not require.

Meanwhile, if you grasp the essence of this massage and recall the words of the same specialist who told you about all the charms of the result of this procedure, then honey absorbs toxic substances from the body during the massage.

Consequently, the honey mass that remains on the body at the end of the procedure is not only not useful, but already harmful, and it needs to be washed off. Wiping with a napkin, the part is again rubbed into the skin.

Body water balance

One of the features of honey is fluid binding. Therefore, after a honey massage, the level of fluid contained in the body decreases. It needs to be replenished.

After the massage is best to drink a glass of warm water, and then a cup of tea. Preferably green, as it is also included in the system of means for cleansing the body.

After Marinin’s stories about honey massage, I changed my attitude towards him for the better. Although I can not say that I will advise him to someone with confidence. It is better to refrain from advice, just telling, like you in this topic, what I know about it today.

In any case, it is obvious to me that the choice of the salon and the master in this matter depends not only on the specific result, but also on the health in general. And everyone himself will answer the question – is it worth the risk and go to an unfamiliar massage therapist for a session?

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