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Hand cream-balm Recipes grandmother Agafi and balm-rubbing foot Aphagyd First Aid Kit

I think the cosmetics from grandmother Agafi saw everything and many used it. My acquaintance with this brand began about 6 years ago. Then I tried shampoo.

Today I want to share with the readers of Alimero my impressions of using two tools. It:

– Healing hands cream-balm Recipes grandmother Agafi

– Cosmetic balm-rubbing to relieve fatigue and heaviness of the legs Agafi First Aid Kit

Healing Hand Cream-Balm Grandmother Agafya’s Recipes

First, I was pleased that the hand cream (as well as foot rub) comes in the package. This gives some solidity. Moreover, among the competitors in this price category, I meet this for the first time. The cream costs 30 rubles. Volume – 75 ml.

I usually take a hand cream at such a cost in order to moisturize the skin during the day, as I am constantly in contact with water. For serious care, as a rule, they are not suitable.

However, this cream pleasantly and unexpectedly surprised me! I use it at night and like the result.

Cream balm manufacturer – First Solution LLC (Moscow, Russia).

The manufacturer claims the following active ingredients of the cream: plantain extracts, iodine herbs, aloe, d-panthenol, silver ions.

Last time, I was frightened by the presence of aloe extract in creams due to the presence of strong fragrances in them (I already wrote about this in other topics-reviews). But there is no such smell here.

The perfume is pleasant … which one — I find it difficult to say anything, something all-grass. And most importantly – unsharp.

The color is white, the texture is quite thick, as I like.

On the package it is stated that the cream-balm is an ambulance for cuts and cracks, it is well absorbed and smoothes the skin.

With cuts, I did not try to use it, but with cracks it really has a beneficial effect.

– good application due to its thick consistency

– has a healing effect with small cracks

– copes well with nutrition and hydration of the skin

– has a pleasant unsharp smell

I did not find any cons.

Good cream-balm, and for its price range – excellent. Thick consistency and pleasant smell combined with moisturizing meet all my requirements.

I will definitely buy this cream again. And on a 5-point scale I give him a five!

Cosmetic balm rub to relieve fatigue and heaviness of the legs Agafi First Aid Kit

I saw this balm for the first time, I don’t know if it has been released for a long time. But my attention attracted immediately. And who does not worry about fatigue and heaviness of the legs at the end of the day, especially if it turned out to be difficult?

Such a jar costs 99 rubles, the volume is 75 ml.

The rubbing is also initially packed in a box. It stipulates that this tool is not medicinal.

Balsam called Juniper, respectively, the main component is juniper.

The manufacturer claims that juniper increases the elasticity of blood vessels, relieves the feeling of fatigue. Its properties are enhanced in combination with other components of the balm. As a result, the manifestation of vascular asterisks decreases, and the ease of gait returns.

Juniper fragrance, quite sharp. I generally liked the smell, but my family did not.

The color is light green, the consistency is watery, therefore it is not absorbed immediately. Although, probably, it should be so, because it is a rub.

How to use: Apply a balm on the legs and feet and rub with light massaging movements several times a day. But I confine myself to one thing at a time — for the night after a shower. I do not like to feel cream on my legs during the day, I have a feeling of something extra.

– pleasant to use

– gives the feet a feeling of freshness and lightness

– quite pleasant smell

– the smell is harsh, although I liked it myself

– does not moisturize the legs enough in problem areas (where the skin is coarser and rough), although … there was no such task in front of it

I liked the balm. Well, except for my tactile sensations, applying a cream or balms of a thick consistency is much more pleasant.

And, as I said, does not remove the roughness of the legs. Although, if I used as indicated on the packaging – several times a day, perhaps this problem would not exist.

But to apply before or after rubbing more and the cream does not seem appropriate … at least, a terrible combination of smells in this case is guaranteed.

However, with its direct responsibility – the removal of fatigue and heaviness of the feet, the balm-rubbing copes. Therefore, on a 5-point scale, I give him 4 plus.

I was very pleased with the purchases. And I intend to purchase these balms more, especially since the hand cream is already running out.

I always had a positive attitude to the brand Recipes grandmother Agafya. I want to try some more tools. One of which is cotton pads. It would seem – so what is the problem with the disks?

I used to think that they are all the same. I took it without paying attention to the brand, and everything was fine until my last purchase. The disks are constantly stratified ((You take that 1.5 disks, then 0.5, no matter how hard you try to get one. Uncomfortable. I hope that the Agafev disks will turn out better!

Do you use the products of this brand?

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