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Facial massage, facial and body care

I have the best attitude to facial massage. There was a time when I went to this salon procedure, and was very pleased with the result. Now I have no such opportunity, so I have mastered self-massage.

The muscles of the face, like any other, need training. Massage copes with it in the best way, preventing their weakening. Also one of the main functions of this procedure is to improve the blood supply and metabolism of the skin of the face.

I think everyone who has tried a facial massage on themselves will agree with me that at this time fatigue is miraculously relieved! And this happens mainly because the skin tone increases as a result of the removal of the detached surface particles of the stratum corneum.

However, do not forget that facial massage stimulates the activity of the sebaceous glands, therefore, with very oily skin, it is not recommended.

Massage in the salon

In my opinion, massage is exactly the salon procedure that deserves the most attention. And if you spend money, then on it! =)

A full massage is difficult to do at home, especially to yourself. And if a deep-impact massage is supposed, then it should definitely be performed by a qualified specialist.

In salons and medical cabinets this procedure is performed in a calm and comfortable environment and in appropriate conditions. And yet – it is important to take the correct position during a massage, since its effectiveness largely depends on it.

The technology of proper massage (both in the salon and at home) implies starting it with smooth soothing movements, then accelerating and ending again at a slow pace.

I used to be able to visit the salon 1-2 times a month. Massage, as a rule, consisted of a combination of several techniques. Firstly, it is applying on the face of the cream and leisurely stroking.

Then circular massage, pressing, grinding, wave-like movements, tingling, tapping. And at the end the obligatory soothing movements.

In theory, self-massage is an addition to a professional cosmetic massage. But now he is for me the only kind of similar procedure.

First, I cleanse my face with tonic or other means, and then apply a small amount of nourishing cream, including on the neck.

After 5-10 minutes, I start the massage (it is better to do it in the evening).

I massage the forehead area with my fingertips (both hands are participating) in a circular motion. The direction is from the middle of the forehead to the temples. I finish by performing 3-4 times stroking from the right temple to the left and back.

Eye area

As I already wrote in the topic devoted to the care of the area around the eyes, the skin there is very tender and sensitive. Therefore, it is important not to stretch it during the massage, which should consist in light circular stroking with your fingertips.

It should not be done on dry skin, but using a cream designed specifically for the care of these areas.

I perform a nose massage with the tips of my index and middle fingers. I make movements on both sides in the direction from the middle of the nose bridge to the tip and back. Ok so walk 3-4 times.

For a facial massage, I get all the fingers involved, except for two large ones. I place four fingers of each hand at the tips of my mouth and begin to move in rather large circular movements towards the earlobes. As usual, I make 3-4 approaches.

The area around the mouth

The middle fingers of both hands I place under the lower lip, in the center of the picking cavity. I begin to massage in small circular movements to the sides until the fingers meet above the upper lip. 3-4 times will be enough.

Chin and neck

I do not massage the chin and neck, as these areas are very sensitive to any kind of pressure and are recommended to be stroked only. Chin – from bottom to top, towards the lower lip. The side surface of the neck – in the direction of the chest and shoulders. Left hand – the right side of the neck and vice versa.

This is the procedure that ends my day, when I’m not lazy and find time for it. By the way, it needs quite a bit. Having done this self-massage a couple of times, I began to perform it on the machine, without thinking about what to do with which fingers and in what direction.

I think this is because all movements are natural and very well perceived by the face. And as a gift for these small efforts I get a good mood for the night and fresh skin =)

And how do you feel about facial massage?

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