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EVELINE cream for depilation of legs with extracts of aloe vera and melons, face and body care

Today I will tell you about this cream.
I bought it because it was curious to try, especially when the season of shorts and short skirts is approaching.

In general, most often I use an electric epilator. But sometimes I resort to the help of depilatory cream. Especially for parts of the body such as the underarms and bikinis. Although the manufacturer recommends its use exclusively for the feet.

Of course, the cream can be replaced with a razor, especially since the hair removal process is faster. But a razor will not give such a long result as I get from the cream. Since the cream penetrates the pores and destroy the bulb. Therefore, hair growth slows down for several days.

The cream is in a plastic tube nice blue shades. The lid is easily unscrewed. Volume 125 ml.

As you can see, along with the cream in the package includes a spatula, which is designed to remove hair.

The result promised by the manufacturer

This cream effectively removes hair, leaving the skin smooth and soft.

Also, there is a moisturizing and softening of the skin due to the content of extracts of aloe vera and melons.

Larrea divaricata extract slows down hair growth.

Allergy Testing

The manufacturer recommends that before the first use of the drug to test for allergies. I also want to note that the product has been dermatologically tested.

I tried it once and making sure that the cream approached me in the future did not do such tests.

Allergic test should be carried out one day before the scheduled procedure. Since, an allergic reaction can occur within 24 hours.

In order to conduct an allergic test, it is necessary to apply a cream on a small area of ​​skin, hold it for 1 minute and wash it off. If during this time you feel a burning sensation, then immediately remove the cream and wash the skin with warm water. In this case, the cream did not suit you and you should not use it.

To test for allergies, it is better to choose the area on the leg in the hip area. As if an allergic reaction suddenly appears, it will be hidden under the skirt or pants.

How do i use cream

1. Apply enough cream to the area to be treated so that you can cover all the hair richly. I distribute it evenly with my hands over the entire required surface and leave it for 3 minutes.

To apply the cream, you can use a spatula. It’s just easier for me to do it with my hands.

The cream should be applied on the skin with a layer of approximately 0.5 cm. It should look like about men apply shaving foam on the chin.

2. After a time with a spatula, slowly remove the cream from a small area of ​​skin. If the hairs are easily removed, then the cream has done its job and the reaction has already begun. It can be completely removed, movements in the direction of hair growth.

If the hairs are poorly removed, leave the cream on the body for up to 10 minutes.

The manufacturer writes that the cream on the skin should not be more than 10 minutes. This time is enough for me, even a lot. Basically, the reaction occurs in about 7-8 minutes. In general, all have different thickness of hairs, so the effect of the cream may also vary.

3. When all hair is removed, rinse the skin with warm water and towel dry. A towel should be skin soak, not rub.

1. When you remove hair and wash it off with water, do not use detergents for this: gels, soaps, etc.

2. The manufacturer does not recommend the use of the drug on the face.

3. It is forbidden to apply the cream on damaged and irritated skin, as well as heavily tanned.

4. Do not apply deodorants and antiperspirants on the places where you did the depilation during the day.

5. Also, during the day, do not go to the solarium and do not take sun baths.

6. Be careful that the cream does not get on the mucous membrane of the eye, since it contains salts of thioglycolic acid and cetearyl substances. If this happens, immediately flush the eyes with plenty of water.

The cream has a delicate and pleasant smell. The texture is dense white. And the whole product is good.

Of course, the cream takes more time to remove hair compared to a razor. But the result is worth it and I am pleased with it. Hair begins to grow only after 5-7 days.

After applying it, the skin remains soft and silky. Therefore, I believe that the cream is at least nutritious.

Affordable and affordable price 25 UAH. or 100 rubles.

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