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Body cream O, face and body care

Good day everyone!

I really want to share with you my new favorite pet, who so unexpectedly turned out to be D.JIVAGO Sweet Night Dreams BODY LOTION body cream. I fell in love with him from the first smell.
I got this amazing cream as a gift from my friend who lives in Israel. Arriving to visit, she presented it to me.


Cylindrical bottle made of white plastic. Volume 250 ml.

White dispenser, very convenient, is pressed smoothly. When pressed, a certain portion comes out once.

The lid is plastic and transparent, the dispenser closes tightly.

As for me, the packaging is attractive and pleases the eye.

The consistency of the cream is thick and dense, like whipped butter. White colour.

I put it on clean skin immediately after a shower. Despite the thick consistency, the cream is applied to the body easily. Distributed without divorce. Absorbs quickly.

After leaving a feeling of moisture and a pleasant aroma.

Allergic skin rashes did not occur.


The cream smells like powder, pleasantly, unobtrusively and quite naturally.

The smell disappears in about 10 minutes.

– stylish packaging design

– light, pleasant unobtrusive smell

– pleasant sensation on the skin

– moisturizes, softens and nourishes the skin

– there is no feeling of stickiness and a fat film

– does not cause allergies

– economical, for one and a half month spent only 1/3 of the jar


But I did not find the minuses … if only what his girlfriend from another state brought me, and I don’t find such a cream in my city.

Personal opinion

All my requirements for body cream fully complies.

The skin is flawless. Perfectly moisturized, silky, smooth and soft.

I can safely recommend this product for purchase, if you see it on store shelves!

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