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Atraumatic cleaning of the face, face and body care

For skin care, there are many recommendations and various procedures. In this topic, I want to talk about atraumatic cleaning of the face, which, in essence, is similar to peeling.

When do they recommend atraumatic cleaning?

This procedure is desirable and effective in the following cases:

– contamination of the upper layer of the skin

I will not say that I am worried about these problems. Although, surface contamination is inevitable with any skin type. But I went to this procedure more out of curiosity.

I was attracted by the fact that, unlike many other cleansings, atraumatic has no contraindications, except that individual intolerance to fruit acids.

And I was immediately warned that it should not be done in case of inflammatory diseases. I just had a cold, so I moved the recording in the salon for a week to come healthy.

Difference from other types of face cleansing

Based on the name, atraumatic cleaning is non-traumatic. In another it is called chemical, this is due to the use of fruit acids in the process of cleansing the skin. However, this type of cleaning is considered the most delicate.

Perhaps, for someone, this will seem to be a minus of this procedure, but on the contrary I was attracted by the fact that it does not affect the deep layer of the skin and prevents steaming. If there are more serious problems and require deep cleansing, then you should resort to ultrasonic or vacuum cleaning.

The essence of the procedure and its stages

The procedure is based on the fact that first, using certain means, the pores open, they are cleansed and then the pores are narrowed and the skin is moistened.

Before deciding on this seemingly safe, but nonetheless unfamiliar procedure, I asked the beautician to tell me in stages about all the actions. Therefore, later on during the procedure, I clearly imagined what was happening at the moment. Now I will share this information with you.

The first stage is makeup removal and preparation of the skin for the procedure. The skin is cleaned with liquid soap. The beautician spoke about its composition, but I remembered only that it has ichthyol. The soap has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action, cleans the top layer of sebum and external contamination.

The task of peeling at this stage is to remove the dead cells and smooth the skin. Therefore, it is often called polishing peeling.

The next step is the application of a warming gel, which consists of menthol, herbal extracts, glycerin. Due to the soothing effect of herbal extracts, the skin softens and soothes irritation. Glycerin softens the skin after cleansing, and menthol promotes greater pore opening.

After applying this gel, put a thin film and warm lips. In this form, I lay for about ten minutes. The sensations were pleasant and managed to dream a little =)

Next – put a mask with a high content of glycolic acid. At this stage, the skin is cleared of sebaceous secretions and, mainly, comedones – black spots on the face. I don’t have so many of them, so there were no problems with their removal.

The beautician carefully cleaned with an accentuator, carefully treating the forehead, nose and chin area.

Then these same areas treated with lotion with extracts of mint and eucalyptus. The smell is wonderful!

Then I was applied to the face with a mud mask, which breaks down fat and helps restore and renew the skin.

After removing the mask, I was massaged with antibacterial powder. The beautician worked with pads of her index fingers and thumbs, squeezing skin in different directions.

At first, I was warned that massage was not necessary during atraumatic face cleansing. It is provided in the complex of this service at an additional cost. A little thought, I decided not to refuse such an opportunity and do not regret it.

At the final stage, the beautician applied me a cosmetic mask that narrows the pores, and then – a moisturizer. The procedure took about an hour.

The first feeling is lightness and freshness. I believe that this is due to the release of skin from excess fat and removal of dead skin cells. The look of the face is also fresh, and the color is healthier.

Not a trace of my black spots remained, although the beautician immediately warned that not all comedones are cleaned by atraumatic cleaning, in many cases deep cleansing is required. But I did not need it. And one more plus – the skin has become smoother.

My cosmetologist advises to carry out atraumatic cleaning once a month. But I think that everything is individual and you need to listen to yourself and your body, remembering that despite the fact that the cosmetologist is a pleasant woman, for her it is a business. According to my feelings, I concluded that once in 2-2.5 months it is enough for me, considering that there are no special skin problems.

And what face cleaning procedures did you do? Has massage been included?

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