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Anti-cellulite massage cream ВИТЭКС, care of face skin and bodies

This morning I woke up and thought that the swimming season was coming and I would soon wear swimsuits. From this thought I was horrified, because I have an orange peel. It’s time to start getting rid of it.

For many years I tried different cosmetics and desperately tried to find a suitable product for myself. Having tried all sorts of creams and serums, I stopped at the BITEX anti-cellulite massage cream. I liked it so much that for several years I have been using it only.

Little about cream

The cream is contained in a plastic tube of green color, with an easily unscrewed cap.

There is a slight smell of menthol, which is typical for many anti-cellulite products.

The texture is gley, the color is white.

Price 27 UAH. or 90 rubles.

The cream contains oil extract of red pepper, caffeine, 5 essential oils, seaweed and extraponone of grapefruit.

The result of the cream promised by the manufacturer

1. Eliminates stagnation in the subcutaneous adipose tissue.

2. Prevents the formation of new fat cells.

3. Improves blood circulation of deep skin layers.

4. Contributes to the removal of excess water from the problem areas.

5. Makes skin smooth and smooth.

How do i use

To begin with, I do not use it at all in the winter season. Not because it is not necessary or I have very good skin, but just laziness. And only with the arrival of spring I begin to engage my own body.

From about April, for 10 days I have been conducting a daily massage of the thighs and buttocks. Then I continue to do it once a week to keep the skin in good shape. In the middle of summer I can repeat the 10 day course. And when autumn comes, I throw it again.

At first, for anti-cellulite massage, I resorted to the services of a professional masseuse. But after seeing how he was doing it, I decided to purchase the same massagers: octopus and silicone jars. And do the massage itself, which saves my family budget.

And so, before the procedure, I clean the skin, for this I take a shower with a gel or scrub.

Massage do alternately, first one leg, and then the second. I make it standing, putting one foot on a chair so that it is more convenient to massage the hips and buttocks.

I put the cream on my foot and spread my hand over the entire surface of the skin from the knee to the thighs. Then massaging the octopus with the massager for the skin of the problem parts of the body for 7-10 minutes, moving it along the leg with circular movements. During this time, the cream should be absorbed. And the skin should warm up, become slippery and elastic.

And only after that, I begin to massage the silicone jar, moving it with zigzag and rectilinear movements. I do it until the skin turns red and starts to tingle, about 7-10 minutes.

To improve the effect of the cream, I wrap with plastic wrap for 2 hours. An hour later, the legs begin to bake a little, but tolerable. I want to note that the manufacturer of the cream recommends doing a wrap for 20 minutes. But for 20 minutes I did not feel any effect.

Then I release my legs from the film and take a shower, but only after 20-30 minutes. Since if you take a shower immediately, then your legs under hot water start to bake. This is due to the fact that the cream contains red pepper extract.

The cream of course can not work wonders, but the result is quite close to that.

From the very beginning of its use, the skin becomes very smooth, soft and more elastic. The cream softens the skin, reduces cellulite and removes excess fat.

Of course, one should not forget about a low calorie diet and physical activity.

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