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Akvatel: cream-gel for the skin around the eyes and liquid soap

Good day to all participants of Alimero!
Today I want to share with you my impressions of two Akvatel products, which are produced by the Russian perfume and cosmetics company Vesna (Samara).

I discovered the cosmetics of this brand when I began to search for products with delicate smells. I can hardly stand many perfumes, so this factor when choosing one of the most important for me.

Of all the means of Akvatel that I have already tried, I have never come across an unpleasant smell. And most importantly – they are all of moderate intensity. Product quality is generally average.

Akvatel liquid soap moisturizing and recovery with chamomile extract

The volume of this bottle is 280 ml, the cost is about 50 rubles. Shelf life – 2 years.

What the manufacturer says:

As the name implies, the emphasis is on moisturizing and restoring the skin. The first is achieved due to the content of green tea extract. And recovery, care and protection – thanks to chamomile extract. The cleansing function is self-evident.

Promised result: healthy, well-groomed, young skin.

– pleasant and not corrosive smell

– acts gently, does not dry the skin

– in the presence of cracks does not give irritation

– suitable for both hands and body

– pleasant, quite liquid consistency

– the presence of sodium laureth sulfate

I really like this soap both in its properties, in terms of its amenity, and in smell. In principle, everything that I tried with Akvatel with chamomile perfume, I approached. Wash them no less pleasant than a good shower gel. I buy not the first time and I will take further =)

Aquator cream gel for the skin around the eyes green tea and grapes

It seemed to me a little strange that the volume on the tube is not specified. By eye, probably 25 ml or a little less. It costs 35 rubles, the shelf life is 18 months.

What the manufacturer says:

The main focus is on deep moisturizing of the skin due to hydrovance, green tea and grape extracts. The cream tones and reduces dark circles under the eyes thanks to parsley extract.

On the reverse side of the tube also says that this cream is struggling … no less – with the aging of the skin! That’s where they swung)) Keeps youth, smoothes small wrinkles, makes skin more elastic.

– fresh delicate smell

– very pleasant during application

– the effect of moistening keeps absolutely little

– not specified composition

In general, I bought this cream not to preserve youth and not to reduce dark circles under the eyes. For me, the promised moisturizing effect was important.

After removing makeup from the eyelids and eyelashes, the skin under the eyes sometimes feels dried. Here is the cream and could prove himself. But I did not get the desired effect.

In addition, I tried to use it against flaking of the skin on the face, which is rather important for me in the winter. Cream failed. The only thing, it is very nice to put it, but this is still not enough for a second purchase.

This cream was the first means of Akvatel which I was unhappy with and which I would no longer buy.

Did you use the products of the perfume and cosmetics company Spring? What is your impression?

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