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70 proverbs about the little ones

Today I decided to experiment and change the well-known proverbs / sayings by typing in them the words child, children and everything related to this topic.

I invite you to see what came of it. 🙂

1. Do not have a hundred rubles, and have a hundred diapers.

2. A child with hands – mom easier.

3. And the child listens and eats.

4. Came out dry from the diaper.

5. The child leaves while eating.

6. Illness does not come alone.

7. Take dad for the tablet.

8. The road to the dentist is paved with delicious sweets.

9. Komarovsky to help!

10. A child is easier to warn than to punish.

11. If there is a day, there will be no sleep.

12. Away is good, but at home you can draw a wallpaper.

13. In a quiet child devils are found.

14. It’s good where the baby sleeps.

15. Children to fear – do not give birth.

16. All roads lead to the garden.

17. All is well that the children’s sleep ends.

18. All the toys can not be taken away.

19. Sucked out of the bottle.

20. Gallop on dad.

21. The child on fiction tricky.

22. The school will correct the child.

23. Technique child is afraid.

24. The case smells broken.

25. The road is candy for dinner.

26. If dad does not go to the child, then the child goes to the dad.

27. For candy in your pocket does not go.

28. The Forbidden Cake is sweet.

29. From two plates choose the smaller.

30. As the child neither feed – he all looks at candy.

31. Like a baby on the head.

32. Who gets up early, that child.

33. A child is better in the hands than in the sky.

34. Small child, yes dear.

35. Mal, yes he made off.

36. To teach a child – only to spoil.

37. A child in the ear has come.

39. You will know a lot – you will become a parent.

40. Young – green – eaten.

41. Bardak not immediately built.

42. Hope for your mother, but do not make it yourself.

43. On the child and the hat is on.

44. Candy – the second happiness.

45. Not in the brow, so in the eye.

46. ​​Do not sit down in their walkers.

47. Do not put all the toys in one basket.

48. Do not chop the bough from which you are flying.

49. Do not stand over the child.

50. A child is not so terrible as it is painted.

51. Hit the finger.

52. There is no child without good.

53. Mother’s powder will be crushed – flour will be.

54. After a fight they do not wave toys.

55. Passed fire, painted water and wallpaper.

56. See the child on the flight.

57. The path to the heart of the child is through candy.

58. Shouts by leaps and bounds.

59. Born in my father’s shirt.

60. To live with colic – to howl like a wolf.

61. A child without boots.

62. Its diaper closer to the body.

63. Seven woes – one child.

64. It is said – broken.

65. The child is not a sparrow – will fly, you will not catch.

66. A child is more precious than money.

67. Baby want – a stubborn thing.

68. The rich – so we will not share.

69. What is written with a pen – then the child will cut it out with an ax

70. The Impossible is possible for the child.

Share your impressions! What proverbs impressed you, made you laugh? Or maybe you have already come up with something like that?

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