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Where to go with the child, preschoolers

Our family has a question. Where to go with a child? not worth it. On the contrary, we dream to finally come home with him and sit. Because somewhere to drive children is our hobby.

Theater Stage

I love theater very much, I was fond of theater criticism in my time. And when my daughter turned 2, we visited our first performance. For two hours the child sat as if spellbound. She was interested in everything that happens on stage.

We reviewed both standing and primitive productions. The main thing is that the habit has been developed that attending a theater is normal.

In the theater, I never went with the child to the buffet, so that Sonya did not form the erroneous opinion that the theater is a line for cakes and juice, and between meals someone entertains children on stage.


But after the performance, on the way home, we stopped at a cafe to eat something delicious. In the cafe in the winter, we could linger for some time to examine people, discuss decor and paintings on the walls.

I agree that for many mothers this probably sounds strange, but I really wanted to instill in the child good taste and the ability to speak out about everything. In addition, our conversations shaped speech and developed attention.

Walking through the city parks

In autumn and spring, we often walk around the city parks. My daughter likes to rush, climb, jump, hide, collect sticks, twist twigs, put her hands in water.

All children behave this way and on the playground in the yard, you will say.

But the park is an unknown thing, there the child sets thousands of his own why, picks up worms and examines bugs, which, unfortunately, are not found in our yard.

Parks I love for space. It seems to be large areas, expanse and at the same time the territory is fenced, you feel protected.

And I also like to watch my daughter play at the fountains. There she can spend several hours in a row. I just look at her and try to imagine what she thinks about this activity. What so beckons her then disappearing, then increasing stream of water, or is it fireworks drops?


And recently, Sonia discovered classical music. She listened for a long time without moving. Then interest switched from sounding to the instruments themselves, and the child squirmed. From the dilated eyes it was clear how this children’s mind tormented the questions.

It became clear that the child was ripe for the philharmonic. We will now attend concerts intended for children.

Animal world

I am ashamed to admit that I am indifferent to animals. But children, they are different. What you will not do for them.

So you have to visit regularly a zoo, a pond with swans, exhibitions of cats, butterflies, horses.

The kids rush around the cages, scream, I don’t even know if they have time to look at someone?

But the feeding process they like very much, just mesmerizing. I also noticed with my grandmother in the village, with what ecstasy Sonya shoves food for cats, dogs and chickens.


We do not disdain and sporting events.

The most interesting thing is with your own participation. For example, the whole family go to the pool and spend a couple of hours there.

But we also watch championships in rhythmic and aesthetic gymnastics, and tennis.

I want to add that wherever children come, they will always find something new, study and draw conclusions. If you plan a weekend and follow the life of the city, you can make the program for children rich and interesting. But you shouldn’t forget about yourself either, dear mothers, so that we would be comfortable next to each other.

Where are you going?

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