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Toys for children and their parents, preschoolers

The theme of toys has already been considered, probably, far and wide. So I thought so, until I saw a new solution to the old problem.

What problem? How to choose a toy for a child.

While still waiting for the birth of my little daughter, I went to the children’s stores, looked out for bright, amazing rattles. They seemed amazing to me, if only because I remember very well how they were during my childhood — simple ones.

Now there are so many things invented: rattles make different sounds, they glow, they spin – in general, they can create anything they want.

Of course, this attracted me, and I bought a variety of rattles. To my great surprise, the daughter showed selectivity, and, it seemed to me, strange. Instead of paying attention to the original toys, she chose the most simple ones.

Probably went to her husband, if to me, she would choose the most wonderful rattles. This thought warmed me until I read that it was necessary to choose toys, focusing on the preferences of the child, and he was often attracted to something completely different from adults.

In general, having studied my daughter’s wishes, I realized that she was interested in sorter. So the new era has come – the era of sorter. What only we did not have! I remember I already wrote about them on Alimero.

And it seemed that at this stage one could calm down. After all, everything is done as it should – toys like a child.

But then the next moment became clear. The child likes toys, but the parents do not. Of course, not that we did not like at all. Nice to see and learn something new. But it gets boring very quickly. A daughter could play with them for a long time, but with one small provided – parents must play with her.

You had to see our physiognomies – well, it’s too hard to make a good face on a bad game. This is what led me to a new discovery.

Toys for children and their parents

Since children and adults play toys, they should be interesting to everyone. Since we realized this, we began to appear toys in which we play with our daughter with great pleasure. And I would like to tell you which toys are interesting for both adults and children.

Of course, we are all different, and just these toys may seem boring to you. Then share in the comments your ideas for toys suitable for children and their parents.

It is better to buy big enough for everyone to have enough space. We have 296 parts. As a result, the game looks like this. My daughter gives us a task: to make bears, dogs, etc. We collect, and she carefully watches so that the work is done to the end. At this time, she also does not sit idle: she collects paths and squares from a mosaic.


This game is more for dad, something does not really interest me. But then, he and his daughter can build houses and so on for a very long time.


The animals are painted on it, thanks to which the daughter easily selects the necessary dominoes.


I don’t know the correct name, but it looks like this: we place men in the holes, knock on the lever with a hammer, and they fly out. Very funny!

This is our last hobby. Honestly, I did not think that it would enthrall us so much. At first I bought the lightest – 24 pcs. Husband and daughter played all evening, to which I was incredibly surprised.

Then my husband asked us to complicate the task – so we had puzzles for 54 pcs. I already began to look at this game: did my husband find something in it, if he could play for hours? 🙂

I looked, looked and tried to collect. Half an hour was spent on the most simple puzzles. 🙂

It intrigued me – so I tried to collect everything. And now in the second round I went.

What I like about them is logic. In general, I love logic, but without it here. And I also like to watch the daughter game. She amazes me.

For example, I choose the easiest way – I first fold the frame, and then I start to select the appropriate colors, i.e. I have the main thing when assembling – orientation to color. I can not see parts of objects or characters – they are too much of them.

The daughter also manages to start collecting it from characters and objects. How she does it is a mystery to me. But it is so pleasant to watch her – it is clear that the baby thinks, reflects.

I hope my thoughts about toys will help you spend time with children interesting. Share your ideas too.

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