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The rules that I follow in raising my son, preschoolers

I have often heard that raising a boy is the privilege of a man. They say that the woman herself will not be able to properly raise her son. It is good if the child grows up in a full family, and dad devotes enough time to his upbringing. And what remains to do mom? Feed, dress, care and love more life?

I thought about what I want to do for my son, what I will try to teach him, and what rules I should follow in his upbringing. It turned out such a small list:

1. I will teach him to express his feelings and emotions in words. It is now small and can scream from fear, cry from despair and bite from feelings. And in adulthood, he should be able to distinguish his emotions and express them correctly, without embarrassment and timidity.

2. I will definitely teach him to clean up after himself, iron his shirts, prepare basic dishes and wash socks. Let these skills not be useful to him, but maybe one day, his wife will be grateful to me.

3. I will encourage his dancing. Let it be funny and awkward at first. Then we will master the dance of the ducklings, and there, you see, we will master the waltz. The ability to dance will never be over.

4. I will read with him. First fairy tales, then adventures.

5. I will teach him good manners. Give room to elders, let women go ahead, open the door for them, please say and thank you.

6. Will be his most loyal fan. Any of his achievements will be the subject of my pride.

7. I will try to have people around him who are worthy to set an example. I will talk about great people who were able to reach the top, thanks to perseverance and perseverance.

8. I myself will try to become an example for him. I may not be a superhero, but in his eyes I am an ideal woman.

9. I will teach him to believe in the spiritual connection between us. And when me, suddenly, will not be there in a difficult moment for him, he will believe that he is not alone.

10. I will teach him tenderness. To flowers, animals, babies and the feelings of people around him.

11. I will allow him to climb fences and trees, jump in puddles, delve into the dirty engine and come home in tattered clothes. Why spoil the nerves themselves and him? After all, as he develops, it becomes stronger, bolder, more enduring.

12. I will be fascinated by his interests. And if the son is keen on hockey – I will learn the rules of the game. Decides to create your own rock band – I will learn to distinguish bass guitar from jumbo guitar.

13. Whenever possible, I will go out with my son. Watching his games, taking pictures on a camera, asking and receiving unexpected answers … the only way to get to know your boy better.

14. I will give him the opportunity to lose. And teach him to play with dignity.

15. I will try to explain to him that only practice will bring about perfection. We will repeat over and over the stages and improve our skills and knowledge.

16. I will not disregard his question. At all why we will look for an answer together. If I don’t have the information, there’s after all a dad, a grandmother, a little sister, the Internet, after all. The child must learn to find the answers.

17. I will encourage his desire to help. Indeed, it is one thing to help under coercion, and quite another on one’s own initiative.

18. I will give him space and the opportunity to release energy. Perhaps it will be a ball or a punching bag, or maybe a dog and a plate of frisbee. It is better to let off steam in the same way as playing in the room and accidentally breaking the things I needed.

19. Already now I constantly carry with me a plaster, peroxide and wet wipes. Full combat readiness.

20. I will continue to encourage father and son to study. And may I do a lot, but dad is my authority for my son. He knows and can do anything. Absolutely.

21. Very soon, I will build a fortress for the son. Plaid and cushions, and how much joy … I will teach him to see magic in ordinary things.

22. I plan to continue to take it with me on any trip or trip to friends. Sometimes you can bring to work, because these are new impressions, emotions, memories.

23. I will kiss and hug him. And it will not turn from this into a hlyupika. On the contrary, the more tenderness he gets, the stronger and more courageous he will become. He will never be embarrassed if I hug him in the presence of other people. And no matter how old he is – 2, 10, 19, 50.

24. I WILL ALWAYS BE FOR HOME FOR IT. Whatever he does, whatever he does, he will always look for me with his eyes, wait for my smile. And when he becomes an adult – in any difficult situation he will know who to contact, who to call. And even when another woman appears in his life, I will still remain his mother, his sun. The magnitude is constant and unchanged.

The most important thing he needs to know is that in my heart he is forever.

How do you raise your sons?

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