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The mode of the day of the child, preschoolers

For the physiological and psychological health of the child, it is important to observe the correct mode of the day. Many children adapt to it without any problems.
Under the regime, children are not naughty, go to bed and eat at a certain time.

I have kids the same age. Now we have developed a daily regimen that suits both. The eldest daughter will soon go to kindergarten and compliance with the regime is especially important.


For children, sleep is of paramount importance. If up to a year children sleep several times during the day, then after a year many will suffice once. My girls sleep around 2-2.5 hours.

It is necessary to put to bed at the same time, both during the day and at night. Before bedtime, it is advisable to play quiet games so that children fall asleep faster.


Special attention should be paid to the diet. Often, children try to snack, than interrupt the appetite. It is believed that on-demand feeding is good only in infancy. At the same time, I believe that it is not necessary to force the child to eat by force.

Recently I read a book by a pediatrician Komarovsky, so he advises not to make the child eat, but rather to reconsider his lifestyle. Active and active games contribute to an increase in appetite. And if the child constantly plays sedentary games, then he practically does not waste energy, therefore, there will be no appetite. I agree with this completely.

It is necessary to feed children 4 times a day, while the intervals between meals should not exceed 4.5 hours.


Such periods include games, walks, water treatments.

I am one of those parents who believe that in addition to playing with adults, a child needs to study independently. Of course, I do not leave children unattended, but they can play without me.

In addition to simple games, we study every day, study letters, numbers, read books. Classes should not only be beneficial, but also be interesting for children. If I see that girls start to get distracted, we finish the lesson and come back to it later.

Ideally, walking in the fresh air should be twice a day: after breakfast and after tea. But I do not always manage to take a walk with the children in the morning, then the evening walk becomes longer.

Every day there are always water treatments. We bathe before dinner, immediately after the walk. Since I noticed that my children do not go to bed immediately after a bath.

Our daily routine

For example, I want to write our daily routine.

8.00-9.00 rise
9.00-9.30 water procedures, charging
9.30 breakfast
10.00-12.00 walk, games or activities
12.00 lunch
12.30 reading books, preparing for bed
13.00-15.30 day sleep
15.30 pm snack
16.00-19.00 walk, games or activities
19.00 bathing
19.30 dinner
20.00-22.00 quiet games, reading, preparing for bed
22.00-8.00 sleep

Here is the approximate daily routine that we observe daily. And what mode of the day do your children observe?

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