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The list of necessary things for the first grader, preschoolers

Next year my daughter will go to school. We have already decided on the school. My daughter is happy to go there for training. When it was the first meeting, where parents met the first teacher of their children, we were dictated a list of things that need to be prepared for future first-graders.

This list provides everything from stationery to school uniforms. I decided not to postpone the purchase of these things for the summer, because prices will then be much higher. From now on, I will gradually buy school supplies for my daughter. Many things I plan to order from China. Why buy the same at the market, only several times more expensive?

I hope that parents, whose children will become first graders, will use my topic.

Many schools have a form. In our school this is a vest. The rest of the wardrobe can be chosen to your liking. Girls will need dark skirts, trousers, white blouses, light and dark panty hoses, elegant socks, sweaters and warm sweaters.

Boys’ mothers buy shirts, black pants, vests, warm sweaters and cold socks. Of course, first graders need classic comfortable shoes, since sneakers will fit only for physical education.

For physical education classes, you should purchase shorts, a T-shirt (for early autumn) and a tracksuit (for cold weather).

Every student needs a backpack. It is desirable that he was orthopedic. The straps of the backpack should be wide enough so that the shoulders are not heavy with a heavy burden.

Also, the student needs a pencil case. The most convenient are those that have several compartments and rezinochki for pens, erasers and other stationery.

Schoolchildren need replaceable shoes. For a child to wear it with pleasure, get a convenient bag for her. A small thermos and container for lunch can also be useful.

A first grader will need:

  • convenient case;
  • covers for notebooks;
  • 10 notebooks in a ruler on 12 sheets;
  • 10 notebooks in a cage on 12 sheets;
  • elastic;
  • book covers;
  • pens with blue paste;
  • colored pencils (soft);
  • plasticine;
  • scissors;
  • eraser;
  • markers;
  • glue stick;
  • gouache paint;
  • colored cardboard;
  • color paper;
  • tassels;
  • non-spill glass in two compartments;
  • album for drawing on 18-24 sheets.

What kind of things could you continue with this list?

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