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The first pancake is lumpy or how we urgently changed kindergarten, preschoolers

The campaign of the firstborn in kindergarten is an important and exciting event for both the child and his parents. Each side, of course, has its own joys and difficulties, discoveries and difficulties.

But when a positive, almost festive mood for the kindergarten, which was developed by weeks of moral preparation, breaks into a series of small and big disappointments, this becomes one big family problem.

For the first time in the first garden.

We have marked the beginning of the Sadikovsky stage for September, not because there is no one to leave the daughter with, but as a well thought out and planned event. And they approached this as an interesting, promising round of development of our girl.

And we have chosen a garden not by chance. In our district there are no preschool institutions with decent conditions of stay and a good preparatory base, and therefore we rushed into a reputable garden in the center.

Child development center number 7 is considered the best kindergarten in the city, and it is very difficult to get into it. But we were lucky: there was an acquaintance who works there as a methodologist – she helped us go there.

Among other things, I am personally convinced that for the children of the nursery group, not so much the atmosphere and equipment as the relationship with the teacher. Therefore, we doubly wanted to go to this garden, because we were in a group with a teacher who was renowned for his brilliant work.

And what did you get in practice?

Even before the first acquaintance with the garden of our Anechka, I learned the unpleasant news – the teacher, to whom we were so glad to get, left the garden for good. And instead of it they took two absolutely new girls.

On our first day in the kindergarten, we flew with our daughter on the wings of inspiration and anticipation of discoveries, fascinating novelty. My tiny eyes burned with happiness when she saw the playground, and then the children in the group.

But the teacher was gone unnoted by Anyuta – simply because she did not bother to attract her attention and get to know each other elementary.

Hello. Who are you? Now I will write down your data, – so Olga Anatolyevna met us, from whom I expected something like: And who came to us? Let’s get acquainted!. Well, okay, there are a lot of kids – she is alone, maybe she has no time to punk with everyone.

She outlined an adaptation plan, in which the first few days I will bring the girl for a couple of hours and stay with her until she is comfortable. And we together with the group (and that day there were only 9 children) went for a walk.

Already on the street, having passed the steps of the threshold in front of the entrance door, I glance at the girl who goes by the handle with the teacher and cries for the mother all the time – and she is on the asphalt in white socks.

On the street 15, the first autumn cold snap. To my remark, the teacher cheerfully chirped: Oh, zaturkali me completely !. And drove it.

So walk. I take an observant position, because I want Annushka to join the team and get acquainted with Olga Anatolyevna. I am waiting for the rituals, round dances, reincarnations into airplanes and other uniting games to begin now.

I wait ten minutes, fifteen – the teacher sits on a bench, talks to another parent present, and the children are left to themselves. I look at my daughter’s face of bewilderment: And what to do and why you cannot run to that house (section of another group) ?.

Many kids who are not able to play themselves because of their age begin to miss and cry for their mother, the general atmosphere becomes depressing and depressing, but the teacher remains impassive.

After the first day, disappointment, discontent, mistrust settled in me … But I still persuaded myself that I exaggerated, and that it was impossible to make hasty conclusions from just two hours of stay.

The next time we walked in a group for two hours. Nothing has changed in the room – the maximum that the teacher offered to the children is to feed the hamster together. The rest of the time, the children entertained themselves.

Moreover, being engaged in some papers, the teacher didn’t see how overly aggressive Dima was pushing and hitting all the children for fun. Somehow I turn around – and he presses his thumb in the eye of the girl Ale and smiles.

Vobschem all that I saw in these five days of visiting the garden, I had enough to firmly decide what to leave here my child, I will not. It was amazing not only that educators, even for the sake of appearance, do not deal with children, but also frank negligence in some matters.

Well, for example, they did not teach the kids to wash their hands before dinner in an organized way: the kids in a crowd ran up to the sinks and someone washed their hands with soap and someone just soaked them.

They did not purposely plant crumbs on pots before a walk, limiting themselves to the question: Who wants to pisat ?. And they didn’t wear apron while eating – and some guys aren’t even two years old, of course, after eating, they looked like piglets.

Where to go?

I was in a panic! After talking with the methodist, our friend, I realized that all my discontent was not a thought-out anxiety of a suspicious mother. The administration of the garden themselves are unhappy with the new teachers, but they were not able to find the others on an urgent basis.

And now what i can do? Where to ask without a record and in mid-September? And most importantly – how to discern a good teacher, if such a biased attitude settled in the soul?

After all, if adaptation did not involve cohabitation (as is the case in most institutions), I would not know if the tutors of the best garden in the city work.

The days of throwing between the gardens began, the torments of thinking about how to prioritize optimally, there were even options so far to completely curtail the idea of ​​a garden. But what is not done is for the best! This law worked this time.

I went to one garden, which, of course, is far from our house, but fell in love with him and his staff at first sight. For a long time and painfully I tortured the tutors of the nursery groups with questions, asked for candid recommendations from the management.

After much deliberation and discussion of the issue with relatives, it was decided to transfer to this garden.

I do not know how the adaptation and further stay of the crumbs in this garden will develop, but the main thing is that I again have confidence and faith that in this place my child will be really supervised, will receive a lot of interesting and useful things.

On Monday we will have the first day again. This time without mom. I really hope that my daughter will love the garden as well as her mother. At least now her mother’s calm and confidence will help her in this.

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