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The first days in kindergarten, preschoolers

It is no secret that little children get used to changing situations very long and hard, especially as regards the period when daily trips to kindergarten begin. Some people say that it is easiest to get used to those who go to kindergarten early – one and a half years, others, on the contrary, argue that the optimal age for the start of kindergarten life is 3-4 years. It happened so that Anya went to kindergarten in 2 years and 2 months.

In the summer, my daughter and I often went for a walk to a kindergarten on the playground when the children were sleeping. And they talked a lot about how in the fall she would go to kindergarten to play with the kids, go for a walk, eat porridge in the kindergarten and sleep.

But, to be honest, we all feared that it would be extremely difficult to get used to Anna’s kindergarten. For two years, she communicated with only the six closest people. The rest did not let anyone to her. And only after two beginnings on the mood to communicate with distant relatives.

In general, it was originally planned that from August 15 children will be with mothers in kindergarten for two hours: an hour for a walk and an hour for a group. But my daughter and I did not have time to pass the commission, and immediately after passing the last analysis, Anya fell ill. As a result, we received a certificate from the doctor along with the card only on September 1st.

When they came to the nursery kindergarten, the pediatrician (sadi) told us that it was better to sit at home for a week so that the girl would finally get stronger. Therefore, admission to the walk we were given only on September 12th.

And then came this day.

The first day

We came for a walk together. To my surprise, Anya immediately took one boy from the group by the hand, when the teachers and the children went to make a circle of honor around the kindergarten building and rustle with leaves.

Then Anya walked away from me to leave the leaves. And then in general I was shocked – I gave a hand to the teacher and went with her to jump on the wheels!

Then I sighed calmly – it seemed that all fear was over, the child would get used to the garden, and everything will be fine.

Second day

I needed to work, so Anya went for another walk with her grandmother. Unfortunately, she refused to leave her grandmother, only occasionally came up to play with the children in the sandbox, but all the time she looked around – and did not the grandmother leave.

And when the kids started to go after the walk in the group, Anya wanted to go along with them. Having asked for permission from the tutors, the grandmother and the girl went into the group. We looked at the toys, cot, table, booth. And the teachers said that the next day they would come to the group.

Third day

Early in the morning I received an admission from the garden doctor to visit the group, and Anya and her grandmother went to kindergarten again by 8 am. Originally wanted to leave it immediately before lunch. But the fakir was drunk, the trick failed – the woman stayed with Anna until dinner. And after lunch, they both returned home. In principle, Anya likes the garden – children, toys, educators, but it is imperative that someone be next to her.

It also turned out that Anya is a very independent child: she eats herself, dresses almost herself, but looking at other children who don’t want to dress, Anya was spilled.

And during the evening walk, on which Anya came with her grandmother, the teacher said that the next day Anya would be left alone, otherwise the epic with addiction would never end.

Day four

It was the most difficult day. Grandmother brought Anya to the group, changed her clothes. Immediately, the teacher quickly took Anya in her arms and closed the door to the group, saying that the grandmother would go to work. Anya roared. She roared almost all day, only when she ate, did not cry. And on a walk was a little more fun.

And Anya had a force majeure: she did not ask for the pot, apparently she was afraid – she signed and poked right into her pants. It must be said that on that day she was not the only one with such force majeure.

Fifth day

I had a day off. Anya happily woke up and gathered in the garden. I must say, she really liked her in the kindergarten. That morning we happily reached the door of the group and … on the threshold the daughter burst into tears. I changed her clothes. She gave to the teacher and went away screaming.

When I came for her lunch, Anya calmly sat on the chair and ate. Without a single tear. Pants dry. But, according to the teacher, Anya still cried a lot.

Sixth day

After the weekend it was especially hard. Anya for the first time did not want to go to the kindergarten. Grandma had to carry her in her arms. She cried, of course, when she parted, but she behaved so well that the caregivers even wanted to leave her in the garden to sleep. The grandmother refused, because after the weekend it would be too hard for the child.

Seventh day

Anya did not want to go to the kindergarten again, but she was crying a lot less. And during the day she behaved well. And calmly stayed to sleep. And even slept. That’s just a girl crying and woke Anya. And Anya wake up crying: Baba! Woman! If tomorrow everything will be fine, then it will already be left for a full day.


In general, getting used to kindergarten is, albeit very slowly. But progress is noticeable now. Anya after two days in kindergarten there has been a significant leap in communication.

At first I complained to the teacher, that Anya calls herself a Nanny (when she heard that the girl Uliana calls herself Nanny too). And that evening Anya began to try – and to correct Nanya for Anya. And now she fully became Anya.

And Anya began to talk with strangers if she sees me talking to them. Hooray! She has ceased to close. First I told a friend that we were going to bed with a woman. And then, when we waited for the trash at the entrance, she began to show off to the neighbor with a two-ruble coin, which I gave her. Showed her and said: Money! Here! Money from Anya.

Now we look forward to, when the child finally gets used to the kindergarten and will walk quietly for a full day. Still, in the garden I see a lot of positive points. In addition, we are very lucky with the teachers.

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