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The development of memory in children, preschoolers

Each of us went to school, and many later at the university. How important it was for us before the exam to remember as much information as possible. But not everyone can do it.

I think that many have observed such a picture in school. It was enough for one child to read the poem several times and he could recite it by heart, while the other after a whole day of the crumbs could not connect two words and hesitated constantly.

Why is that? And all this is connected with our memory, which must be trained at an early age. Parents should take a very responsible approach to this process, since By developing different kinds of memories for your children, you make their lives easier in the future. It is because of this that many modern methods of early development for children now use games that train memory.

The main components of memory is

1) Memorization, and the main assistant – this association.

3) Reproduction – the performance of information that we have previously remembered and preserved.

Of course, a school-age child has a more developed memory than a kid. Since He does not just remember the information, but also has certain skills in working with memory (associations, previous experience).

Preschoolers and their features

I recently made sure that my child does only what interests him. Even if I try to attract him to distracting maneuvers with something, in a couple of minutes he already dodges it.

So with the memory, the kids remember only the information that they are passionate about at this stage. That is why, if you want to teach your child something, then you should try to involve this or that information in the circle of his interests (interest him).

How to remember must come up with parents. And how much he will remember will depend on how much the child is attentive, diligent and receptive.

Memory in children under 6 years of age develops very quickly. The daughter of my girlfriend in memory of 4 years tells Aibolit, and my niece tells long poems about all the numbers from 1 to 20 (15 minutes, if not stopped).

Develop memory

How to develop memory? Of course, with the help of games and children’s exercises. And when? As soon as we hear from him the first words.

1) Stories about the world and the past day.

This is our first and most important exercise. I talk about everything I see around my son during the walk. Now we are discussing what they ate in the kindergarten, what toys they played, who came to them, who and what he told him about today.

I’m just convinced that the child needs to read a lot, and most importantly, different books. By this we develop speech and train semantic memory. After you have read the tale, ask the child what he understood from it, offer to retell it.

3) Stories by pictures.

There are special books that develop memory and increase vocabulary. They have very good illustrations, and according to them the child tells what is happening in the picture.

This is the very first game that helps a child to train his memory. You can already try it from 8-9 months. You can put two boxes, hide the ball under one of them. This should be done with a child. It is very interesting to watch the concentrated face of the baby, who remembers where the toy is.

We played this game closer to two years. On the table I exhibited animals in the amount of 3-4 pieces. Then I cleaned one and asked to guess who was missing. The same can be done only by adding a small animal.

It is not a secret to anyone that babies are precocious. At three years old, my son quietly plays on a smartphone. So here is one of the games that I downloaded for the development of memory. Given 10-20 cards with pictures, turned upside down. Each of them has a pair. Opening one by one you need to find a pair.

Ordinary morning exercises develop motor memory. I do an exercise and ask the baby to repeat after me.

This is a game for the development of memory tactile sensations. Different items are put into the box and they are asked to guess what it is.


There are so many games that train memory. No need to be lazy, it will be easier for you with your child at school.

I want to say a big thank you to my mother, thanks to which I have a pretty good visual and auditory memory. I was a mischievous and disobedient child, so for each of my puncture I was forced to learn poetry. Already in five years I knew by heart Tatyana’s letter to Onegin.

And what games do you use to develop the memory of your children?

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