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Teach your child to clean up after themselves, preschoolers

Honestly, I received the first concept of cleaning at the age of 18, when I entered the university and moved to a hostel.

Before that, I practically did nothing at home. I could wash the dishes, but I didn’t get close to the vacuum cleaner, the floor cloth made me disgusted. I always had such a creative mess on the desk that my mother was just amazed.

Although, to be surprised to mom, in general, there was nothing. I clearly remember how in childhood I was not allowed to mess around in the water so that the doll dress was washed, as my grandmother dutifully put my toys.

When mom started cleaning and washing the floor, they put me on the street or in general, or told me to sit in one of the rooms so that I would not interfere and touch the dirty rag.

As a result, a lazy and lazy person grew out of me, who corrected only with the beginning of an independent life. So that the same did not work with my son, my husband and I decided to teach him to clean him up after the diapers.

So, how can you instill in a two-year-old accuracy and ability to clean up after you, while not forcing him and not pressing on the baby? Quite simply: rule number one in this matter is to give him freedom of action.

one) the freedom of action

Even when the son was very young, he was already helping me to get out. I try not to chase him to another room, when, for example, my floor, and children’s curiosity just beckons him to mess with a wet cloth like mom. So the child gets a clean little rag and enjoys its significance.

The principles of my mother are that the baby can catch a cold from the water, but from the floor cloth I have picked up some kind of bacterium to go far away: no one has been sick from the warm water yet, and it is almost impossible to pick up something from the household floor. If there is such a chance, then all the same, the child constantly crawls and plays on the floor.

There is, however, one thing: so that the child does not slip on the wet floor, you need to wear shoes with rubber soles. In addition, you should not allow your child to contact with household chemicals.

2) Mission instructions

Periodically, I ask my son to help me in some simple matter. For example, I find a pen on the floor and ask him to put it in place on the table. Or release the floor from toys to vacuum and ask the child to assemble the machine and put it in the box.

Of course, he does not always want to fulfill my requests. I do not insist, if you can’t immediately persuade him to help, but if I threw at least a couple of machines into the box, then I praise it.

3) Praise

Praise, I think, is generally the most important mother’s assistant in raising a baby. Do not skimp on compliments and admiration, if the kid fulfilled the request and, especially, if he guessed and carried his socks to the locker.

four) Know where that lies

To get used to the order, the child must know where and what lies at home. That is, you need to periodically focus on the fact that the linen is in the dresser, and jeans – in the closet.

five) Personal example

In the house where my father’s socks are lying under the chair, and my mother’s bra has been hanging on the back of a chair for a couple of days, the child is unlikely to be accustomed to order. There are exceptions, but still it’s better to show the kid how to be careful with a personal example.

6) Please clean up after yourself

Recently, my husband and I have an agreement: if a baby has thrown a piece of paper on the floor or dropped a cookie, ask him to pick it up and throw it in the trash. This rule applies to those cases where the child himself has littered.

At the same time, we also need to clean up after ourselves if we are littered, and sometimes we change: dad cleans up after mom, and mom after dad to make it clear that there is nothing wrong with helping a loved one.

Usually the child agrees, but sometimes stubbornly. In such cases, we go to the trash together, helping the baby.

7) Appliances

Children love household appliances. These impulses can also be used to their advantage, but, of course, under supervision.

For example, the son with pleasure helps me to fold my clothes in the washing machine, opens the door and the powder drawer, presses the necessary buttons, which I show him. Still almost unable to walk, he tried to vacuum.

I let him watch, touch and use household appliances within the limits of the possible, and now I know that he knows what machine he is doing and how to operate it.

At the same time, I explain that only adults can turn on electrical appliances.

These are the rules I use to accustom my son to domestic work. I really hope that at least for himself he can remove when he grows up.

And how do you do, dear mothers?

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