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Symptoms of tonsillitis in children, preschoolers

I always perceived a sore throat more as a purely childhood disease. This is not surprising, because the immunity in children only develops, which makes it less resistant to serious infection.

Angina is transmitted by airborne droplets. Most often, children pick it up in kindergarten or school. But children are not insured against this disease for a year. Therefore, now, in a potentially dangerous period, you need to be especially careful and pay attention to any symptoms that may indicate the onset of angina in your child.

Types of sore throats

As I said above, a sore throat is transmitted by airborne droplets, and about two thirds of the diseases are caused by viruses, and a third are bacteria. Sore throat in infants is quite rare, which can neither be happy. However, in the case of infection, children up to one year old endure angina very hard, so they require inpatient treatment.

Symptoms of tonsillitis

Children in most cases get sick suddenly.

-temperature rises to 40 degrees
-loss of appetite
-inflammation of the tonsils (they increase in size, redden, they may appear a raid, pain in the throat, which increases sharply when swallowing)
-lymph nodes also increase
-it is painful and difficult for a child to swallow saliva
-can cause ear pain on the affected side
-it’s hard for a child to open his mouth

Symptoms of angina in an infant

-the baby becomes restless
-refuses to eat
-the temperature rises sharply
-salivation increases due to the fact that it is difficult or painful for an infant to swallow
-tonsils grow red, may be covered with pus


My child had no sore throat, but my friend’s daughter got sick right on her second birthday. At night, her temperature rose to 38.5 degrees. She had a red throat and she refused to take the breast. A friend gave her paracetamol to bring the temperature down. And in the morning I called a doctor.

The doctor looked at the child, diagnosed sore throat and prescribed treatment. She was prescribed: drink plenty of fluids, antibiotic, splashing hexoral into the throat, arbidol. Plus she smeared the tonsils with a cuff with the help of gauze wound on a finger. The temperature passed only on the second day, they said that if the third one had lasted, they would have sent to the infectious disease. My daughter recovered only through the bottom 10.

When we had a sore throat, mom never self-medicated, she always took us to a doctor. And this, I believe, is correct. Angina is a disease that can lead to serious complications, including damage to the heart, joints and kidneys. But a sore throat is quickly and successfully treated, about 7-10 days, if the necessary measures are taken on time and correctly. And these measures should appoint a doctor.

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