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Prohibited products on the children’s table, preschoolers

Food, as you know, significantly affects the health of the child. And since I have no illusions about the quality of products at all, I prefer not to give my daughter at all.

At the moment, my baby is almost 2 years old and the list of prohibited foods on her table includes:

Ice cream, candy, chocolates

The opinion that these sweets are an indispensable attribute of childhood is already firmly rooted in our consciousness. I, too, in the childhood memories appear New Year’s candy bags with a pleasant, chocolate smell.

I will try to acquaint my daughter as late as possible with this harmful delicacy. Not because I fear caries. This, it seems to me, is still the most harmless consequence. I’m more worried about the huge amount of synthetic additives. To treat a child with chemistry – is it a sign of kindness?

So far, she perceives candy as toys. Comes to ridiculous. If my daughter on the street is treated to these sweets, she plays with them, and when she gets bored, she gives it to me.

Dairy products and milk

It doesn’t matter to me at all whether children’s books are written on them or not – shoplifting, in any case, far from real, domestic ones.

But this does not mean that my child does not eat these products. He eats, of course, only, indeed, natural ones – bought from a familiar woman.

And so that the benefit does not turn into harm, I must subject dairy products to heat treatment. From cottage cheese make casseroles, cheesecakes, add sour cream to sauces, etc.

Canned food, sausage, sausages, smoked fish, ketchup

I absolutely do not see the meaning of these products. If there is any useful component in these products, then it clearly loses against the rest.

Tetrapack juices, carbonated drinks, coffee, tea

All this my daughter does not use. Occasionally, however, I give her store juices – literally 1-2 times a month. And so from the drinks we have – filtered water and juice from fresh or frozen fruit.

Chips, crackers

I think this kind of prohibited products is not worth discussing. The harm is obvious even to the baby.

And how do you feel about baby food? Do your kids have prohibited foods?

What list? chocolate, tea, juice, milk, sausages, peas?
I have a child sometimes Olivier can eat, if you want. And what? I’m not a newborn sausage feed. Preschoolers are not only 2 years old, but older children too :)) and if the child is limited in some way from childhood, then he comes to that and it can only get worse. Meaning? From 10 grams of chocolate a day, the child will have nothing (unless specifically you are allergic to chocolate). In cocoa, among other things, contains many nutrients. Specifically, he also kills us when there are constipations.

I will upset you, but sausages, sweets and peas give in the garden. Among other things.

It makes sense to keep a child solely on proper nutrition, only if he eats so much all his life, and if not, then if he is in a different environment with a different diet, his body will suddenly become worse. And the mother will be guilty, because she has not accustomed since childhood to the usual products for this life.

I’m not talking about newborns (once again) and not about tons of mayonnaise. Everything is good in moderation – it has long been known.

In other words, everyone decides for himself what to feed his child, but I clearly do not belong to those who create ideal conditions for life for the child. And not because I do not want a child to have an ideal life, but because I look soberly and understand that it will be different. And my task as a mother is to adapt it slowly but surely to this life. Besides kindergarten, for example.

You are right – it is difficult to find a natural and healthy product.

If there is no choice (processed flour, cereals grown on large doses of girbicides and fungicides, the absence of a garden where you can grow fruits, berries and vegetables) – you need to accept.

And if there is a choice and not to make it in the right direction (sweets – instead of dried fruits, store mayonnaise with conservatives – instead of homemade, ketchup with emulsifiers – instead of fresh homemade tomato juice or sauce) – is this not a crime?

About cows in general a separate conversation. Faced with what they treat cows on farms, so that they are healthy and permanent antibiotics for prevention. They even found medicines in milk. On the farm, cows are fed only with the same food – there is little vitamins and minerals in milk. Also observed in farm birds. Another matter is a domestic cow or bird – food is varied, the will, love and care of the owners, etc. You only need to choose the right mistress and a healthy cow, then all the advantages will be on the face.

A rash on the face? Does your child have an egg allergy? There are more vitamins, microelements and minerals in domestic eggs than in farmer eggs to which the child’s body can react. This proves once again that homemade eggs are more saturated with everything useful – though not for allergies (from my own experience).

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