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Preparing for school, preschoolers

I buy a lot of literature for my son, we already have a wardrobe full of books. In the afternoon or in the evening, when there is time, we spend time together and are engaged.

Son loves to look for differences, go through mazes, solve puzzles, so I often buy books on the development of logic. They always have interesting tasks.

Our first book

I ordered the very first book with assignments in the Book Club via the Internet (before that there were only fairy tales and poems). It was a manual for school preparation.

The inscription on the cover Recommended by leading educators and teachers of Ukraine promised something impressive. Honestly, when I took the book in my hands, I was a little disappointed – simple pictures and some text.

The first impression was wrong. My son liked the book very much and, most interestingly, it is quite effective in preparing for school. It has 8 sections, which selected special tasks for the development of certain skills.

For example, from the section Developing Logic and Memory:

But the second page:

There are several similar tasks.

Other literature

In our arsenal there are many other books on which we are diligently preparing for school. That son likes a book in which there are logical puzzles. I also liked them, because they develop thinking, attentiveness and ingenuity.

I will give a few examples (tasks):
1. How do you think there are more monkeys or animals in the zoo?
2. Which is heavier: cotton candy or a soccer ball?
3. Svetlana is taller than Nina, and Nina is taller than Julia. Who is higher? And who is lower? Show on the picture Svetlana, Nina and Julia.

4. A chicken and a duck came to the river, they want to swim across the river. Who faster swim across the river – a duck or a chicken?
5. My grandmother has a cat Merchik, a granddaughter Larisa and a doggy Bom. How many grandchildren have a grandmother?
6. One carrot is boiled for 30 minutes. How many 4 carrots will cook?
7. Who roars louder — an elephant or a lion?
8. Four crows sat on the water, one of them flew away. How many ravens are left?
9. How many tomatoes will I grow from parsley seeds?
10. Ducks were walking in the courtyard. All ducks Peter counted 8 legs. How many geese went in the yard?
11. A mother has three daughters. Every daughter has a brother. How many children does the mother have?
12. In a bowl, Ulaikimääs has more than shepherd dogs, and a poodle has more than some likes. Great Dane has less meat than a husky. Who has the least meat? Who has the most?

13.Artema house is located between the houses of Lisa and Kolya. And Kolya’s house is to the right of Artem’s house. Think and show where someone lives.

14. Which lasts longer: a week or 7 days?

These are the problems we solve.

Children’s magazines

In addition to books, I buy children’s magazines. They also have a lot of interesting things and are much cheaper. Solve scanwords, puzzles, puzzles, riddles, read children’s comics and much more.

Do you prepare children for school? What are the interesting things you have?

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