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Our hospital adventures, preschoolers

The other day my daughter got a stomachache. Well, what do you say, with whom does not happen?

You are right, this situation is not uncommon. For example, my baby has a good appetite, so sometimes she overeats and complains of a tummy. True, while she always briskly jumps.

This time it was different. Judge for yourself.

First, there was no overeating. She ate only a puree with a chop and a salad. Supplements are not requested.

Secondly, and it was the most disturbing sign – after eating a daughter, she lay down on the bed, doubled over and began to moan.

Now you understand why all this seemed strange to me?

I rushed to the Internet. Subtracted – push lightly on the tummy. If the child suddenly screams, most likely he has appendicitis – hurry to the hospital. Otherwise, this is the usual overeating.

I tried to just touch the tummy. My daughter screamed. I was alarmed.

Fortunately, the husband was off. He picked up his daughter in his arms, and we rushed to the hospital. Of course, I thought she had appendicitis. What else?

Olympian calm №1

We arrived at the hospital, went to the waiting room and told the nurse about our suspicions. She phlegmatic, stirring tea with a spoon, listened, and then asked:

– Do you have a direction?

I froze. The child on the verge of appendicitis seems to be a playful thing, but she is talking to me about directions.

– We have no directions. We immediately came to you.

“Oh … then the doctor will hardly accept you.”

Looking at my rounded eyes, she took pity on a little:
– Well, if you want, if you are not sorry to distract the doctor from important matters, then I can inform him.

Slowly put aside a spoon to the side and left. Returned after 2 minutes:
– The doctor told you to go to the clinic. As they give direction, come.

I am shocked. The nurse, noticeably cheerful, reached for the spoon.

My husband and I had to pick up my daughter in my arms, shove him into a car and take him to the clinic.

Olympian calm №2

Our family doctor was not there. They took a ticket to another. The queue is man 7. And appendicitis does not wait, it can bump up and write letters.

Then I saw that the door of the next room opened. A nurse came out and the doctor stayed. I noticed that she was sitting without visitors, and rushed to her:

– Save! The child probably has appendicitis.

The doctor calmly looked at me:
– I have a reception.

A curtain. I went out, almost sobbing.

The husband offered to break out of turn. I do not like the horror so to do. I understand perfectly well that moms with children are not just here. It seems to everyone that the child is in danger, and here someone climbs. But what to do? Sometimes it is necessary.

They looked – there is a man with a son near the office. Asked. The man sighed sadly (as I understand it!), mumbled something about three out-of-turn, about a lost day, but missed.

And here we are finally at the doctor.

– Save! The child has appendicitis!

I scream and I understand that something strange is happening behind my back. Too much changed in the face of a doctor. I turn around. I see that my daughter jumped off her father’s hands, straightened up and cheerfully so, even skipping, went to the doctor. Wait, where’s my dying swan?

The doctor was surprised:
– It is unlikely that a child with appendicitis would start jumping, but let’s feel.

Feel for. Ponazhimala. My daughter did not even flinch. How? At home, such roulades gave out.

While I was struggling to understand what was happening, the doctor wrote down the names of tablets for the stomach and intestines on a piece of paper and sent us home. Oh yeah, I gave another direction for analysis. He also confirmed that everything is in order.

At home, the following happened: the daughter bent sharply in three deaths, accepted the posture of a dying swan and groaned. But what is it? I began to feed her pills. After a day everything went away. 🙂

Of course, I am pleased with this ending, but I didn’t understand the mysterious daughter scenes, and the doctors’ responsiveness impressed me.

I wonder how you have relationships with pediatricians? There were no such situations?

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