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Our classes with speech therapy, preschoolers

Today we have a small anniversary – 5 lessons for a speech therapist with a younger daughter. The term is small, but it is already possible to draw some conclusions, as well as share information on this subject. I’ll tell you what made us turn to a speech therapist, how we looked for him and what we get from classes.

Why do we need a speech therapist?

Indeed, well maybe it, this speech therapist? As the grandmother thinks – well, she says something, why torture her with something to do. And I heard the opinion that a speech therapist is needed only from 5 years. I’ll tell you a little about my baby.

She was born on time, the pregnancy was moderate. All the time I suffered from increased tone, and another of the arteries in the umbilical cord was not supplied with oxygen.

I think that the problem, which was then revealed in the development of the daughter, lies precisely in these 9 months, when the child developed in conditions constrained by the constant tone.

Now they say a lot about the fact that you can ignore the child’s developmental norms. They say they invented them in the Soviet era, let the children develop as they can.

Daughter late in the village, began to stand only at 10 months, and went to 1 year 3 months. In addition to a weak muscle tone, the neurologist did not give her any diagnoses and also said that she simply had her own way of development.

Well, and then problems with speech began. Rather, speech up to 3 years was almost no. Know, so, separate words.

It was then that we just got to a competent specialist, who explained that the physical development lag could not be ignored. Neuroscience had to be treated. Thank God that the rest of the daughter is developing quite normally. Only speech suffers.

True, after 3 years, the daughter spoke and still can not stop. She is silent only when she sleeps. How I dreamed about it, and now sometimes my head is spinning from its continuous speech.

There was another problem. The daughter does not say many sounds, about 50% of words cannot be disassembled. It is with this problem that we turned for help to a specialist.

As my daughter almost went to the speech therapy garden

I must tell you that we have been observed by a speech therapist from a clinic for a long time. But the only thing she offered us was to form a speech therapy garden. We even started collecting documents, but then we decided to go to a regular group.

First, the daughter of the past year, all ill. What is the use of speech therapy in the garden, if she does not go to him because of the regular hospital?

Secondly, they talked to a neurologist, she also advised to abandon the institution. Still, the children in it with different diagnoses, and the daughter needs to communicate with those who have no problems with speech.

The search for a private speech therapist

Once we refused free help, it was necessary to look for help paid. I probably whit somewhere in the clouds, but the price tag on the classes I was a little shocked.

For one lesson, a speech therapist takes 500-600 rubles. Total per month is 5000. The amount is rather big, but what to do. The Internet was a help to me, and I literally found a specialist in one day.

The selection criteria were as follows: positive reviews, proximity to the house, the cost is not higher than 600 rubles. I was guided by the opinion of mothers of children from the yard. Still, the responses on the Internet should not be trusted.

The center was supposed to be close to home because to drive in the evenings with a child in public transport is a dubious pleasure. Well, the cost of 600 rubles was critical for us.

We found such a speech therapist and I am very pleased with my choice. And the girl is nice, and the sense of employment is visible.

Classes and homework

Classes are held in a fun environment with games and music. I was present only at the diagnostics, and during meetings of my daughter with a specialist I sit modestly and work at a laptop 🙂

But I ask my daughter what she is doing there. Tongue massage, repetition of various sounds and exercises – this is what they do.

And they give us homework. We do them daily. They are all in the same repetition of syllables and exercises for the language.

The most remarkable thing is that the result is already visible. If earlier the daughter rearranged syllables, and she could not manage to pronounce some words correctly, now she easily repeats not to fart, but to bathe. Can not but rejoice. 🙂

What do you think, need a speech therapist in 3-4 years or better to wait up to 5 years?

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