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Nasal congestion, preschoolers

Virtually any cold, we can not do without a cold. But there are cases when there is no abundant discharge, but there is only a stuffy nose. Those. there seems to be no snot, and there is no possibility of breathing.

Why is the nose stuffed?

I have also had cases of nasal congestion before, but I did not pay attention to this. There was a certain discomfort, but after a couple of days everything went away. But when my son was born and I ran into this problem, I asked a very reasonable question. Why is this happening?

I decided that any problem with nasal breathing is associated with a cold. But no, nasal congestion may be due to several reasons, and considering them we can more quickly cope with the situation:

2) Sudden temperature drops.

3) Severe hypothermia.

4) Inflammation of the mucous.

5) When inhaling cigarette smoke (for example, if one of the parents smokes in the house).

6) If there are foreign bodies in the nose.

7) With an irregular or narrow nasal septum. We just had a very narrow partition and we could not understand why, in 2-3 months, my son often had a stuffy nose. But now the nose began to form and there is no such problem.

A pediatrician or an ENT specialist will help you in identifying the right cause, so no need to hope that it will pass by itself, but it is better to visit the clinic.


By itself, nasal congestion is not dangerous, but if it is not treated, it can lead to chronic rhinitis or any complications (sinusitis, otitis, or laryngitis). In my treatment of rhinitis, I followed the statement. If a rhinitis is treated, then it will pass in a week, and if not, then in 7 days. But with the advent of my son, I realized that I was mistaken and I couldn’t give up on my health.

Folk remedies

I do not like to use tablets and various nasal sprays. If there is no rhinitis, but there is only congestion, then for the first 1-2 days I try to cope with it using popular methods.

1) You need to steam legs in hot water.

The son does not like this procedure very much, but he helps me well. Still removes nasal congestion, if you wash or wash the dishes in hot water.

2) Plentiful drink.

Delicious herbal teas with the addition of lemon or honey can solve the problem of nasal congestion.

If you have a nebulizer, you can do inhalation with various essential oils. Just first make sure that the child is not allergic to them. You can use tea tree, eucalyptus or mint oil.

1) Saline solution.

If congestion occurs due to dry air, then you need to flush the nasal passages with saline. We use Humer or Aquamaris, and sometimes normal saline.

2) Antihistamines.

This is used if rhinitis occurs due to any allergies. We need to remove the irritant and take an allergy medication for several days.

3) Vasoconstrictor drops.

I wrote this version of the latest for good reason. Since I use them only when nothing else helps. These can be Naphthyzinum, Nazivin, Galazolin or Otrivin.


It is not necessary to deal with any disease, even as simple as nasal congestion, as This can lead to various complications. Therefore, it is better to contact a specialist you trust.

Health to your children and their little noses!

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