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Math puzzles, preschoolers

I loved mathematics very much both at school and at university. For me, the world of numbers is special, extremely interesting, in spite of the fact that the world of poetry and literature also seems amazing and beautiful to me 🙂

I hope that among the children of Alimero’s readers there will be those who will share my love, if not for this and that at once, then at least for exact sciences!

If some puzzles in the photo selection will be difficult for preschool children, I think you will be happy to tell them the correct answer and thereby help you gain new knowledge.

Well, so that it would be interesting to us and the guys a little older, for them I, too, had several mathematical puzzles in store.

a) What is the unit of measurement for precious stones?

b) What is the name of one hundredth of a meter?

c) Name the largest two-digit number!

d) How many faces does a cube have?

e) How many kilograms in one pood?

f) How much will a rooster weigh, standing on two legs, if standing on one of its weight is 3 kilograms?

g) Can there be different diagonal lengths of a square?

1 – numbers
2 – zero
3 – two (two)
4 – three
5 – circle
6 – square
7 – zigzag
8 – compass
9 – 3 girls and 4 pears
10 – in 10 minutes
11 – for 4 years
12 to 10 chickens
13 – 23 years
14 – 5/6 oranges (half and 1/3)
15 – pillows

a) carat
b) centimeter
c) 99
d) 6
d) 16
e) 3 kilograms
g) no

Hope you like today’s math quiz! 🙂

And what tasks do your children like most?

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