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In three years, the child does not speak, preschoolers

Many parents, and especially mothers, worry about their little-spoken and completely speaking children. This problem makes them turn to various speech therapists and spend money on treatment.

Before considering a problem, I want to give as an example one case that my friend told me. This is both funny and amazing. Still, how children can pleasantly please and amaze others.

The boy, let’s call him Vova, was going to go for a walk with my mother. He did not speak at all, in his 4 years. Neither dad nor mom – nothing. And then the mother, who dressed herself in the corridor, hears from her son: Mom, tie me shoelaces. Clear and clear. Imagine the surprise and shock of mom? Yes, there are such cases.

Now, let’s talk about the problem. Why children in three years do not speak.

Many reasons can affect speech dysfunction.

Intrauterine pathology. Maternal illness during pregnancy can affect the development of the child in general, not only in terms of speech. Oxygen starvation of the brain (which happened to me 2 weeks before delivery – leakage of amniotic fluid) can also lead to speech disorders in the future.

Preterm labor and difficulty. I think everyone knows what the consequences of preterm labor can be. In addition, the entanglement of the umbilical cord, the incorrect position of the fetus, long delivery – all this affects the baby in the future. God forbid that the consequences were not extremely difficult.

Neurological disorders stem from the foregoing. Pathology of the fetus during pregnancy and difficult childbirth, leading to the formation of a child of serious neurological abnormalities.

I am very sorry for these children. Once I got into the neurology department with Masha, we were given a mild form of cerebral palsy in question, but after examining the doctor they took it off. And I did not hesitate to go back home, because it was painful to be in such a situation.

Heredity. If mom, dad, grandmother or grandfather started to talk late, it is not surprising that your child will follow the example of his relatives.

Postponed severe illness in the first years of life also affect the development of speech in children. I know the story when a child who underwent several operations under general anesthesia in infancy stopped altogether to boom and develop.

Unfavorable social atmosphere in the house very often leads to the isolation of the child. And later to a delay in speech.

Who read my topic knows that my daughter has features, or rather, we are a little behind in development, unlike our peers.

The children of my friends at our age are already talking in sentences and actively asking questions.

My daughter used to stalk, as it should be for babies. We rejoiced and imagined how she would grow up and chirp. I often imagined the moment when my daughter would be about 5 years old and she would begin a question period, which sometimes tires many parents.

My child immediately joined a huge number of books. She always liked to look at the colorful pages and listen to the poems. This fascination, it seems to me, helped us to talk in the future.

I also took my daughter to classes at a rehabilitation center, where Masha worked with a psychologist, a speech therapist and a special teacher.

Communication with other children is also very important. There was a period when my daughter behaved detachedly with other babies and always watched on the grounds. But over time, the contact improved and the daughter is now drawn to the other children. She especially enjoys spending time with her cousin Dasha, who is 8 years old.

Masha, in her 3.5 years, knows many words, speaks phrases, but not sentences. Asks for a pot, asks and is. And you know, I am very happy about it, because it could be worse.

The boy with whom I studied in the same class did not speak until 5 years old! But then he spoke sharply, like the boy with his mother in the hallway. It seems to me that the psychological aspect is very important here.

Maybe there were some quarrels between the parents in the family, or the child suffered some kind of stress or fear that prevented him from speaking.

Or he simply did not want to talk. I know this from Masha. I ask her What color ?, she smiles slyly and is silent. By request, nothing will come out of it, very rarely. And it happens that it doesn’t stop talking.

How to help the silent

First and foremost, talk to your child. Speak all the actions, tell him what you see on the street, ask questions. Even if the child does not respond, still show him that you communicate with him.

Help your child connect words in phrases and sentences. Name the item, ask what color it is, what form it is for.

Read the book and work on available speech therapy materials. For this there is an elementary Internet. I bought special literature for such purposes and try to work with my daughter. True, frankly, according to the books we mostly grandmother. Masha herself comes to her room and carries books.

Retell the child what you have been doing throughout the day and what you will do during the walk. Masha loves to ride the subway. Before going out on the street, I tell her to whom we will go, on what, etc.

Communicate with the child, help him and then the result of your work will not keep you waiting.

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