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I do not like teacher, preschoolers

Probably, for each family, the time when you have to send a child to kindergarten is stress in itself. Well, imagine then the feelings of the parents, when in the evening the little son-daughter offendedly declares that the teacher does not love him.

What happened? Why did you decide so)? – excitedly begin to ask mom and dad. And in response, they can hear the most incredible stories.

Do you believe everything?

My neighbor told how her daughter once came from the kindergarten and said that the teacher had punished her very much. When your mother began to clarify exactly how, the grandmother intervened in the conversation and strictly asked: Did the teacher beat you? The girl immediately came to life and very emotionally began to shake: Bil-Bil!

The next day in kindergarten was a real stir. The grandmother, a very enterprising and businesslike person, wrote a complaint to the head and said that she would reach the Ministry of Education itself, if there was no order here at last.

Fortunately, the ministry did not get it, because – fortunately for the teacher – she had witnesses. At that moment, when she made a remark to the girl, another mother took her child from the garden and heard everything.

Of course, no one beat anyone. Yes, this is almost impossible to imagine, because now in kindergartens (at least in our country) there is a very strict control over the observance of children’s rights by educators.

Psychologist commented on this situation as follows. Preschool children tend to dream and sometimes can not distinguish their own fantasies from reality.

The girl, offended by the teacher, who just made a remark to her, painted her in her imagination evil and cruel, and her grandmother, they say, added fuel to the fire. And the fantasy of the girl was visualized into the picture where the poor teacher beats her.

So, parents, to believe their children, of course, is very correct and good, but one should never forget about age features.

In the kindergarten there are rules, and children need to be taught to follow them.

Fortunately, there are not very many such cases, and one could even be considered an exception. More often, we hear statements from the child, such as the teacher does not like me, because she scolded me today. What should parents do in this situation?

The most reasonable and correct thing is to first of all communicate with the teacher and hear her version of what happened. In most cases, the answer will be something like this.

In a kindergarten, children in one group have about 18–20 people (this is in Belarus, but I know that there are much more numerous groups in Russian gardens).

In order to maximize the safety of staying with so many children together, caregivers set the rules and limits for the behavior of the pupils.

But if the child is at home used to doing whatever he wants, then it will be very difficult for him to join in the requirements of the kindergarten. And then, of course, the strict aunt, who demands something from him, will seem to him bad and unloving.

Parents can help the teacher, including her child, if they explain how important it is to follow the rules. Let them attract all their imagination in order to present these requirements and rules in a playful way, and then the child will learn them more easily.

The universe has only one center!

Another reason why a child may decide that he is not loved is the lack of attention from the caregiver. According to the child!

But we are with you – people are adults and should understand that the teacher is one, and the children are 20, and she cannot pay attention to each child every minute. This is a child at home – the center of the universe, and in the kindergarten of such centers as much as the children in the group.

Again, it depends on the parents that their children do not grow up as selfish. Well, if they have become so sad by the age of saddlery, then life itself will now re-educate them.

Not without reason, psychologists consider it very important for a child to be in a collective at least some time before going to school. This will help him to socialize and adapt faster in the first grade.

I myself!

At about the age of three, children wake up wanting to do everything themselves. Parents, do not miss this moment! Let the child learn elementary self-care skills: put on pants and blouses, fasten buttons and zippers, tie shoelaces.

Can you imagine that the tutor with the nanny has to wear each walk, and then undress 20 fidgets? No matter how correct and restrained the caregivers are, but when the child cannot do the elementary movement himself, which means he delays the whole group for a walk, some feeling of annoyance or irritation may occur.

And vice versa, when a child tries – he pulls on everything that lies in his locker, even if he does a little wrong, the teacher will be very grateful to him and, most likely, will show a little more sympathy for him than for the clumsy.

Everything that I shared today in my topic was not taken from the ceiling, but from a conversation with an elderly teacher who had devoted her whole life to kindergarten. Maybe you will disagree with something, or maybe supplement it with your own advice from your own experience of raising preschool children.

The main thing that I have endured for myself is that every educator tries to create the most comfortable conditions for the children, but they are also people, and sometimes they have some kind of miscalculations.

Considering that the fate of our children is in their hands for as long as 10 hours, I think we should try to establish good relations with them and help as much as possible. Then our kids will be more joyful and happy.

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