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How to wean a child from sucking a finger, preschoolers

The problem of excommunication concerns every mummy, the question is only in the subject of this very action. Someone is trying to wean the baby from the breast, someone – from the nipples, someone – from the bottle. And we were touched by another problem – beloved finger.

It is precisely this excommunication that passes, in my opinion, much more difficult than all the others. I, for example, had to wean a child from the breast, but it passed, surprisingly, easily. But with a finger is much more complicated.

Frankly, I even envy those who have the only problem is the breast, nipple and so on. No, no, I by no means think that it’s easy to handle. But, you see, as a last resort, all this can be simply removed, without any explanation, and everything will go on. On no, as they say, and there is no court.

And what to do in this case with a finger? He’s always with the baby! It can not be removed, do not remove, do not hide – nothing can be done. It was from this thought that I began to make a start, but already quite late. You could start much earlier.

But let’s start in order.

When did love for a finger come about?

For the first time, attention to the finger daughter, like all normal children, began to provide in 2-3 months. It was at this time that she was actively studying her body, including the pens. She popped them in her mouth, licked, sucked.

I did not see anything strange in this. With the same enthusiasm, she explored rattle toys, and she didn’t mind putting our fingers in her mouth. In general, the nature of the little researcher manifested itself.

However, over time, love only for the big finger on my left hand began to alarm me. The fact that this is a problem, I did not immediately understand, too gradually everything happened. It began, as I said, from examining my body, then my teeth were cut, and my daughter stubbornly scratched her gums with her finger, completely ignoring any teethers.

Then I began to notice that a finger appears in the mouth of my daughter if she was upset and crying. He played the role of a pacifier.

As a result, I can say one thing: if up to 6-8 months my finger touched me in the mouth, then I became alarming, and I decided to actively fight this.

My fight with a finger

To begin with, I, as usual, interviewed familiar mummies. They had no such problem. Therefore, I began to study information on the Internet. Frankly, this very information – the sea. But in fact, it was ineffective. Especially annoying are the profound reflections on the topic: we need to wean from the finger. But for some reason, the way in the articles was silent.

All the methods that I found and used can be divided into those that help, and those that do not help.

Why conditional? I fully admit that the methods that did not help someone would be very suitable for someone, and vice versa. So.

Methods that did not help

Abstraction. This method worked during the day, that is, I played with my daughter, and she, of course, forgot about the finger. But as soon as I did housework, she recalled him. In addition, this method did not work at night.

Persuasion.These are stories that the finger is dirty, that he sleeps, that it is not nice to suck him, and much more, that was enough for my imagination. None of this arsenal acted.

Zelenka, mustard and more. These means it is necessary to smear a finger. This trick is designed for the following: the child will start to suck his finger, he will not like the taste and he will give up this occupation. Nothing like this! My baby licked this crap and continued to communicate with the finger with the most pleased look.

Medications.They should also smear finger. I don’t remember the names of the drugs, because I didn’t dare to use this method: I didn’t want to give chemistry to the child once again.

Super method!

This method consists in the following: the finger must be bandaged. It is clear that the roughness, which gives the bandage, the child pushes. True, I was afraid to bandage tightly, so my daughter easily ripped it off.

Then I modified the method a bit: I began to put adhesive tape on my finger.

It is important to adhere to the following rules:

1. You can not take breaks, ie, day and night, the finger must be in clothing.

2. It is better to explain to the baby why you are doing this. I said that the finger is sick.

Be prepared for the fact that this is not a matter of 1 day. Sometimes the duration of weaning is up to 2 months. In our case, it took 2 weeks. Although after this period I continue to wrap a finger with a plaster, but only for the night.

In the afternoon there is no dependency. My daughter never reaches for a finger. During the daytime sleep, too, and at night I have no opportunity to watch, so I am reinsured. I do not want to negate the result of such a long procedure.

As a result, at 2 years old, we got rid of this bad habit. What I am very pleased! If my method will help someone, I will be glad twice!

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