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How to teach a child to dress yourself, preschoolers

The desire for independence, which is first noted in a child of 2-3 years, well, just a sin not to use! One of the useful ways to turn this self-will and obstinacy for the benefit will be to train the baby to dress independently.

Maybe someone starts to teach this to children earlier. My basic skills were laid precisely in this age gap. For, nevertheless, I waited for my son to begin to take the initiative to tighten clothes. This, in my opinion, greatly simplifies and speeds up the learning process.

It is important at this first stage not to rush nervously to the wrong-dressed things and correct curves and twisted with a skeptical and understandable look. So you completely discourage the child initiative.

My friends have a daughter who is 5 years old; she still stands limp when her mom or dad pulls on her clothes. At the same time, she physically has all the necessary skills, just the mother constantly buttons and straightens, critically adds: No, wait, you don’t dress like that! Again you messed up! etc.

In general, you understand the logic. All this causes the girl to have a clear psychological feeling of not being ready for independence. Do not repeat this error.

Sometimes in order to get dressed – you need to undress. It is from this, in most cases, according to my personal observations, that training in self-dressing begins. Therefore, in every possible way we encourage attempts to pull off socks after a walk, after sleep – pajamas, etc.

Small children do everything slowly – including dressing up. I couldn’t get used to it for a very long time – I wanted to hurry, finish it, but I tried my best to crush this impulse. I sat down and read a book, intervened only in a hopeless situation, if my son asked for help.

In order not to be nervous – start gathering in the garden or on the section for 20-30 minutes earlier than you would do it, dressing the baby yourself. Make the moment of dressing as calm and psychologically comfortable as possible. Another tip – be consistent.

If the child sees that, having pokryzkav and pokryznichav, he can shift the work of dressing himself beloved on you, he will easily begin to use this trick.

Important to lay the foundation

Even before the child begins to dress himself, it is useful to draw his attention to the sequence in which things are dressed. Let’s take a T-shirt, check, it is turned out correctly, now we dress it over our head, then we put on socks, well, etc. As a result, at the subconscious level, the sequence of manipulations with clothes is fixed long before practical implementation.

In our practice, the sequence of dressing has become at some stage almost ritual, and my son always followed her very carefully, with pleasure. Therefore, I consider ritualization in this case important and useful.

What might need help

The baby will inevitably have some difficulties. First of all – the definition of the ass and before. Sometimes an incident can occur with the wrong side, especially on thin T-shirts or tights.

Make life easier for your child: buy for this period things in which it will be immediately visible. T-shirts with pictures, trousers with stripes, etc. This will greatly facilitate the task, the baby will begin to memorize the differences on the visual-figurative level, and then quietly notice the little things that make it easier to wear things, wear comfortably, etc.

I understand that there are many very beautiful things in the world, but at the stage of learning how to dress yourself, you should think not so much about the outward appearance of the dress as about the simplicity of putting it on.

A girl of 3-4 years can’t fasten the zipper on the back or hook a long row of small hooks. The boy should not buy a belt with tight holes and a massive buckle. Wearing a jumpsuit can also be a daunting task for the crumbs.

It is better to refrain from a large number of small buttons, let’s say, we learn to wear shirts a little later, first we practice on shirts. The same can be said about the laces. Yes, it is very important to learn how to lace up shoes, but already after the kid is confidently controlled with stickies and does not confuse the left shoe with the right shoe.

Consequently, the ideal clothing is skirts and pants with elastic, T-shirts and zipper sweaters, wide sneakers and boots.

If you see that you cannot do without a child this time, try to dose and limit it in any case. If the advice does not help, help the child with action, but only partially.

For example, it is impossible to put on pants, help drag legs, and instruct the belt to pull itself. Put the shoes on correctly, and let the velcro try to fasten itself.

What to do if by itself does not work

Of course, turn this process into a game! My son and I played trains that must pass through tunnels. Cast respectively arms and legs and sleeves and legs. The process of dressing significantly accelerated and fun!

With the girl, I would try to play some fashion model that needs to be beautifully and neatly dressed for a photo session. With the baby – diligence, with you – photos.

In addition, we practice on dolls and teddy bears – ask the baby to pick up clothes for them according to the season, change clothes. This is sure to come in handy.

Another important point – buy your baby a few lacing, it is interesting and useful for training fine motor skills, and the shoes will be easier to handle.

I also made a homemade mini developing rug with buttons and eyelets of different shapes. To be honest, I didn’t even expect that it could take so long and densely.

Another important psychological point. It is important that the clothes like the baby! Personally, since I was 3, I unequivocally choose all the clothes with my son, and he eventually says his final no or yes. I can only indicate the vector of choice – we buy jeans, a jacket, etc. Therefore, we have all the updates are stretched with pleasure!

Well, make sure that purely physically cloth, especially knitted products, do not rub or irritate the skin.

My child loves to pull on a turtleneck T-shirt with short sleeves. This is his own style of this, and especially nowhere spied. I try not to impose my aesthetic views on him.

It may, of course, confuse something, but if in doubt, usually asks me about the weather. Perhaps, you are afraid that your fashionista or fashionista is pulled out of the closet something completely different? I did this: I hung on the back of the sofa 2-3 clothing options that are appropriate for the weather. Please choose!

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