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How to spend time with the child? My 20 options, preschoolers

Today, the child spent the whole day near me, but because of the piled-up work, I could not give him even a few minutes of my time. It happens … Not often such days happen, but not rarely, alas.

Now he is sleeping, and my conscience is gnawing at me, because this day the child will never come again, he will never be able to return at this moment and relive it again. And what did he remember on this day? True, a working mother, who only did that did not pay attention to her only and beloved little son.

Yes, the child does not love me, and he will even try to understand, because mother works and earns a living. But the fact remains that today in the life of a child passed by him and past me.

To rehabilitate tomorrow and make the child’s day unforgettable, I decided to saturate him with interesting events that you can’t even buy for money – I will try to give him childish impressions.

But only thanks to these bright flashes do we remember our childhood (or do not remember) later. Both bad and good memories are remembered. I want the child to remember tomorrow. To give your child a lot of positive emotions, you can:

1. Hide a coin under a piece of paper and shade it with a pencil to get a print.

2. Prepare burnt sugar in a spoon, pour the finished caramel into the water and get sweet droplets.

3. Cut the little men out of paper to make a garland (just the New Year holidays soon).

4. In the margins of a notebook or in a notebook to draw a walking man.

5. Make a volcano from plasticine, and then make an eruption from citric acid and soda.

6. Give the child a copy paper (carbon paper) and write a carbon copy to each other’s messages.

7. Play with the shadows in catch-up and compete – who has the shadow longer.

8. Launch a balloon in the sky at random.

9. Paint the glass in bright colors, and then look at the world through them.

10. On the street in windy weather blow bubbles.

11. Draw with your fingers on the misted glass.

12. Choir sing children’s songs from cartoons.

13. Show focus with electrified paper butterflies (figures).

14. Shake a pencil between your fingers so that it appears flexible.

15. Let the sunbeams and arrange competitions between them.

16. Compose together a fairy tale and draw pictures to it.

17. Visit the museum (for example, with a real skeleton of a mammoth).

18. Fill a bulb with water and observe how it will grow (or plant a plant in a pot).

19. Make origami figures (zhabki, dinosaurs, cranes, etc.).

20. Make a feeder and watch through the window as the birds fly off to peck the grain.

It turns out that you can give happiness to a child without much effort and time consuming. This I will do tomorrow, and let the work wait an hour.

And how else can you diversify your childhood so that it will be remembered by interesting events and filled the life of a child with happiness? What can be added to the list of 20 points?

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