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How to feed a child, preschoolers

I (like any mommy!) Want my daughter to grow up healthy. As you know, health is laid in the first three years. And in order for the child to be healthy, he needs, first of all, to eat right.
What does the term proper nutrition mean? In a few words, it is a harmonious combination of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. And this combination should be harmonious every day. And not when my mother wanted.

In order to understand how to combine products with each other and how to prepare them correctly in order to preserve vitamins, I read mountains of literature and even went to a consultation with a children’s nutritionist. As a result, I made up for myself a list of products that should be in the diet of a 2-3 year old baby daily:
· Porridge (1 species);
· Meat (1 species);
· Vegetables (onions, potatoes, carrots in the soup, greens + 1 more to choose from);
· Fruits and berries (1-2 species);
· Milk (in porridge) and dairy products (cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream, varenets / ryazhenka);
· Bread and rolls / cookies;
· Juice / compote / juice;
· Cream and vegetable oils;
· ½ eggs (1 time / 2 days);
· Pasta (1 time / 2 days).

With the preparation of food, I, oh, how I suffered: I could not remember what I gave yesterday and the day before, and what I had to give today. This is me to the fact that food should be not only balanced, but also diverse. And every day is fresh. Finally, it dawned on me: you need to make a menu for the week. In this case, it will be easier to combine products with each other. For example, it is not allowed to give compote from dried fruits with borsch, as this may cause increased gas formation. Here’s a daughter’s menu for Monday:
Breakfast 9.00
Buckwheat porridge
Sandwich with cheese
Pear juice
2 Breakfast 11.00
Lunch 13.00
Salad: egg, onion, sour cream
Soup soup
Veal cutlet
Compote: chokeberry, sea buckthorn, viburnum
Afternoon snack 5 pm
Cottage cheese with kiwi
Dinner 20.00
Boiled carrots

On other days, I feed along the same lines, just alternating products: for example, instead of buckwheat I give corn, instead of veal, fish, instead of carrots, broccoli, etc. Thus, it turns out that during the week the daughter eats all the main types of cereals, vegetables, fruits and meat.

Yes, I almost forgot: as it turned out, the method of cooking is also very important. Probably, we all already know that children can not be fried food because of the crush of all. And in order to preserve the maximum amount of vitamins and microelements in meat and vegetables, they need to be steamed – in a double boiler or a slow cooker. Well, or bake in the oven. But I rarely use the oven, as this is a very long process and not always successful.

Honestly, I wrote an article with the hope of finding out that mummies with Alimero are preparing for their children. And then my fantasy already refuses to work. I would be very grateful if you spend some of your time and drop a few lines …

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