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How to choose a soft toy, preschoolers

Probably every girl in childhood had a favorite soft toy. Among my photos there is one on which, I, still very small and so happy, am hugging a teddy bear.

And in school and student years, soft toys are one of the most popular gifts.

At home, my parents still have several Fuzzies, which my then future husband gave me during the courtship period.

However, with the birth of my daughter, my attitude towards soft toys has changed. There was a manic desire to protect the baby from all possible sources of dust.

The poor, more artificial animals were listed by me as unnecessary, and an unofficial ban was imposed on their purchase.

But soon the relatives, who knew nothing about my beliefs, gave the daughter a small plush dog, sweet, with large kind eyes and funny hanging ears.

My Dasha played with this dog, slept in the crib, ate. Rider (as we dubbed him) became the first toy friend of his daughter. Honestly, I myself was delighted with him.

A start was made. Stuffed toys began to appear in our house, causing my daughter absolute delight.

My firm conviction that we do not need soft toys has suffered a fiasco.

Now, in the children’s store, I approached certain shelves and selected the next fluffy pet.

But in all matters relating to purchases for children, you must be very careful and demanding.

So, when choosing a soft toy, I have formed a number of criteria under which it should fit.

Shop or market?

I prefer specialized children’s stores. I have nothing against the markets, but I never bought toys for children there.

I like that in the store I can calmly consider all the toys, choose the right one. There is a large selection of both price and quality.

We determine the size of the toy

Now in children’s stores are toys for every taste and size, ranging from the smallest to the giant, the size of an adult.

Huge bears, horses, elephants, of course, make an impression on children and even adults. But why are they needed?

I bought such a toy, took half a room with it. The child runs around for a couple of days, jumps and everything, the interest will disappear.

You need to choose a small toy to make it comfortable for the kid to play with it. My daughter loves to spoon-feed her animals, swaddle them and roll them in a toy carriage.

We look at the appearance

I would like the toy to cause only positive emotions in the child, because with its help the baby learns the world.

I think it will be difficult to explain to the crumbs who the blue dragon is, Sponge Bob or some other fictional character.

Therefore, I choose a daughter of bunnies, cats, dogs, elephants, in general, understandable animals with pleasant little faces. Last year, she asked for the monkey herself.

Check the quality of paint

Buy toys calm colors. And most importantly: run your hand over the pile, there should be no trace of paint!

Evaluate the quality of seams and lint

In a high-quality toy, you will never see sticking threads and even slightly seamed seams. And if a fluffy has a long nap, pull it, see if the villi remain in your hands.

In general, for kids it is better to buy toys from plush, velor, fleece, knitwear. After all, they love to try everything on the tooth and the villi can get into the mouth.

No small details

Buttons, bows, flowers create an additional charm for soft toys, but are acceptable for older children. And for a small child, they are absolutely unacceptable, and even dangerous, because baby can bite them off.

What smells?

I always smell the toys. There should be no unpleasant smell.

Some of them still exude a very strong smell of some kind of eau de parfum. Thus, manufacturers mask poor-quality material.

We study the tag on the toy

All programs and magazines are advised to require a certificate of quality of goods from sellers. Honestly, never did.

But the tag on the toy is always studying. It should indicate the country of manufacture, expiration date, methods of care and age restrictions.

Care for soft toys

Stuffed toys are a nightmare for people with allergies. In addition to the fact that the child can stain them, over time they turn into a clump of dust.

I will never forget how once we went to visit with a husband and daughter. The hostess of the house, a beautiful woman, trying to please our Dasha, brought a lot of soft toys to her adult daughter.

Stains and dust said that these toys never cleaned. My daughter started grabbing them, but I quickly found some excuse to take her to another room and leave this dusty wealth.

Mandatory washing of toys will prevent your children from developing allergies. I sometimes throw fluff into a washing machine, and then I dry naturally in the air.


Adhering to these rules, you will be able to choose a good, high-quality soft toy that will bring your baby only positive emotions!

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