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How I decided to feed my daughter GM to self-radiation, preschoolers

Once, when we walked with my husband and my baby for about 4 months in a sling, my sister called me and said that she was going to breastfeed her son for up to 4 years.

I, savvy knowledge of GW from the Soviet past, advertisements with a mixture and multiple types of babies with nipples and some information about the establishment of GW from a specialist consultant, only laughed at her.

Who would have thought that this was the first grain that sowed doubts about my plans for GW, because my sister is unlikely to plan.
My such different arguments

They really are very different. First of all, because they were different for people of loved ones, including her husband, who does not see the need for long-term HU and who is used to Soviet norms, and for himself. And I don’t like conflicts.

For the husband and other relatives, there were only 2 important arguments: relief of teething and allergy. Until the teeth got out, the husband firmly believed that he could not spend time with his daughter, since she was on HB. Comfortable position on the part of her husband, I tell you.

As he just did not blackmail me and how he did not press, so that I would stop feeding after almost to the 2nd child years, the canines finally cut through completely.

But here the argument in red font appeared in its important role: ̶H̶e̶ ̶at̶l̶e̶s̶but̶th̶,̶ ̶at̶b̶s̶e̶t̶!̶ Allergy!. Emphasis was placed on the fact that up to 3 years, most children are allergic. Omit the details that I already believed that my daughter was unlikely to happen this miracle.

But to shock her husband = cause a quarrel, and this wanted to be avoided. And I showed a near goal, as it is shown to a child, gradually taking him home from the playground, when he doesn’t want to because of fatigue or hunger.

My true motives

The first important factor for me was my psychological comfort with the minimum of effort. Yes, I am an egoist. Because you can provide the same level of comfort in different situations in different ways.

But it’s easier for me to tell my daughter a fairy tale, read a book, and then give her breasts to fall asleep, and at that time I myself should lie down and read information on the Internet from my phone.

My daughter perceives sleep as separation with me and, when I have no opportunity to pay enough attention to my sensitive baby before sleep, this causes her anxiety and fear for our relationship. Therefore, falling asleep is violated. She can spin for hours, want to sleep, but be afraid to do it and resist to sleep with all her might.

It is possible to block this fear by communicating more with it through joint games, collaborative tasks, focusing on similar toilet articles on us and, of course, more physical contact.

In the evening I have little strength and I only have to read and / or discuss a book (day), and nothing more. Therefore, I compensated the lack of physical warmth for my daughter by breastfeeding while reading books and falling asleep.

In the morning, when waking up, I am too lazy to get up right away and my daughter sucks for a while to her breast. So I get enough sleep, and she can spend some time after having had enough of herself, occupying herself until I finally wake up.

Severe pain and stress. Injury

If the daughter fell from a high swing, then the physical wounds may be different. Once the husband rolled his daughter on a very high swing, from the ground to the seat was more than 1 m. The daughter held on, dad shook, then she was distracted by something, the daughter did not have time to grab tightly, and dad already swung the swing strongly.

Below is a piece of asphalt with the ground. I immediately rushed to my daughter, who fell, but still did not realize my state of shock. When she realized him, she was already at the chest in hysterics from shock and pain.

Having seized the breast, my daughter had the opportunity to quickly withdraw from the shock and calm down, and I could examine and feel possible wounds, bruises, etc. Naturally, I did not do it in the first 5 minutes, as she had just begun to calm down.

Otherwise, a possible repetition of hysteria would only reduce my chances for a quick detailed examination of possible damage. And so I was already partially calm 6 minutes after the fall, without feeling for and seeing abrasions, just a bump.

Then I just watched the condition of my daughter in order to detect concussion in time, but I managed to avoid it.

As I already wrote, my daughter needs help experiencing both strong negative emotions and strong positive ones. Nowadays, contact through the handles is often enough to facilitate the residence of the above-mentioned feelings.

But, nevertheless, in moments of fatigue and simultaneous stress from strong emotions, my daughter quickly helps to bounce back my chest.

Of course, if I had grabbed some food and drink when I went to a furniture studio, my daughter would have been happy sitting on my lap, but I didn’t provide for a 2-hour stay there.

Because, as the daughter was tired and hungry, she pressed to her chest and I was able to discuss the final details of the order in a relaxed atmosphere last week. And the manager – a pregnant girl just was touched by looking at my more than three years old.

If in life it so happened that the daughter burned her fingers, fell heavily and her hands with knees were torn to the meat, then best of all, all the manipulations were carried out with the breast in the teeth.

Of course, this required some dexterity from me, but I began to need it much more with the appearance of my daughter in my life, in principle.

Injuries are different. And spiritual too. I know for sure that I can help my daughter relive stress in such a way that it does not remain a trauma for the rest of her future life and without a breast, without moving away from her, that is.
As they say, the trauma becomes the stress that there is no one to share.

But if the daughter asked for her breasts, I had no doubt that she needed it now. I learned to trust my daughter, to track the state of our relationship. So that she could not worry, not feel responsibility for them, relying on me.

After all, it is my task to grow it self-sufficient and self-confident. And the more sensitive a child is, to achieve this, the more funds and their amount he needs: attention, communication, joint games and affairs; hugging with kisses, messing around with tickling, eating each other pretending and throwing.

So I got to the main working argument for the majority of others. This is certainly a very important argument. For the immature digestive tract, as you know, breast milk is very necessary.

Since only it is adapted for a particular child with his needs and has everything necessary for a child of any age, a certain composition of breast milk at different age of the child. This information I learned closer to two years my daughter.

Although the husband is still no, no, yes, and remembering the attitude of his parents to my oddities regarding the upbringing of his daughter and, in particular, GV, he would say: Yes, there is nothing there, as if he tried. :-). My daughter describes the taste of my milk in detail.

It was then that I realized my mistakes with feeding up to a year, when I was impatient to introduce as soon as possible various products for which my daughter was allergic to be like everyone else. Because I put off the lure, I tried to introduce it more often than I would with this knowledge.

Allergy was originally even on cabbage and potatoes, on fermented milk products and red apples. Now the daughter eats as much as she wants potatoes and cabbage, slightly limiting the consumption of cottage cheese, since from 2 packs a day the allergy can resume. And my daughter just loves apples.

Although allergic to most red berries and blueberries, red fish and tomatoes are available. And it is not surprising, because I myself am allergic. Only in my childhood I didn’t stand on ceremony with this, because sometimes I feel some of the delights of this disease.

Contribution to the health of generations

Then the phrase of my acquaintance comes to mind first, who in 1.5 daughter’s years found out that the daughter is still fed GM: So she also understands everything. . Then I said in response: Of course, I understand! And this is very cool !.

Otherwise, how else would she be able to remember more clearly and precisely, on an intuitive level and with a record on the subcortex, that the best and most important for babies is breast milk. That intimacy through mother’s breast is important for building relationships and the maturity and health of the baby’s body itself.

When children play around in babies in wheelchairs and shake them furiously when the baby bjorn crying, when the baby bjorn play around while getting a bottle from the set, it is difficult to distinguish the true from the imitation, the initial from the subsequent substitutes. Therefore, when a daughter in the games feeds and soothes the dolls with a breast, I am moved.

So, while her daughter needs comfort and consolation not only beside me, but also beside my chest, I will give her what she is looking for. A simpler way of maintaining the required level of affection for your daughter also provides such bonuses as obedience.

In contrast to poorly adjusted relations with the father, my daughter: they have frequent conflicts and her husband sometimes struggles with her. Because dad does not have breasts and he would, as a matter of fact, better pay more attention to his daughter, with this in mind.

I do not even plan a weaning age. She will determine it herself, I have no doubt, knowing my baby and watching the development trend of our GW.

At the same time, I know for sure that, in which case, I will be able to agree with her about excommunication. Now I can’t even say what kind of a case is involved: after all, in practice, with any emergency treatment, you can either replace the drug with a safe one or interrupt the GV, for a while.

But this thought gives me a choice, and I choose HS before self-radiation.

P.S. Well, my husband gradually began to understand that the problems in his relationship with his daughter are not at all in my breastfeeding, because only a relationship with a child can be obtained with time 100% result, because they depend only on how an adult builds them.

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