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Hike to the zoo with a child, preschoolers

With the arrival of warm days, I try to spend as much time as possible with my child on the street. I really like raids on nature, in the forest or on the river. From our city in 40 minutes drive it all is.

But the nearest zoo is located in the regional center, which is not very convenient to get to. When we go with the child to Kiev or to the sea, we definitely go to the zoo there. Today I want to tell you about our several trips.

Trip number 1

First visited the zoo last summer. Son then was almost two years. We rested in Berdyansk on the sea, and there was a wonderful zoo. We decided to go there in the evening, so it was not so hot.

They did not take the stroller, we went by car. But it was a mistake, the territory of the zoo is huge. Bought straw at the entrance of animals to feed them. But Vanya decided to eat it himself. Having eaten a straw, having drunk juice, having stood a little at cages with geese and sheep, he told that he already wants to go home.

As a result, we carried the rest of the way on our hands. And it was not a walk, but a jog in the cells so that the child could see and remember something. But it seems to me that this was not at all interesting to him.

The second time we hit the zoo in Kiev last fall. Son was 2.4 years old. We went in the morning before noon. I told in advance that we were going to look at large animals, snakes, etc.

Son liked this trip more than the first. But the downside was that it was already quite cold and many of the animals from the cages were moved to the pavilions, some of them were completely closed.

We also took a winter overalls with us on a trip to Kiev just in case, but somehow we forgot about boots. We were offered the boots of his cousin, who were a little big. Vanya spent almost the entire walk in our hands.

From this trip, he remembered the giraffe and the elephant, and the crocodiles and snakes very frightened him. He is closer to them than a meter, did not fit. At the end of the walk, he fell asleep in his arms, and we put him to sleep in the car.

Trip number 3

It was not a trip to the zoo, but to a farm where ostriches are bred. But there were still bears, wolves, rabbits, goats, sheep, swans and many more not very rare animals. It was the most successful trip. Not far from the farm there is an excellent coniferous forest, so when we went, we planned a picnic beforehand.

We went during the nap, so the son slept in the car. Upon arrival, first walked through the woods, drank compote with cookies and hit the road.

Shortly before the trip, I watched a program in which we ran with the riders on ostriches, and decided that they were absolutely harmless animals and we could pet them.

But it turned out that the ostrich beats with a force of about a ton, it is better not to look like them. And the uncle who works there told us that one of the ostriches, the employee, beat off the spleen. After listening to this story, I didn’t want to approach them at all. We observed them at a distance of 3 meters, because the fence there was quite frail.

Were on a farm on weekdays, there were very few visitors. We received special attention, so the child was presented with several feathers from different ostriches and he was in seventh heaven.

The rest of the animals, we looked not with particular interest. And already at the exit we were detained cages with rabbits. My child fed them for 40 minutes and asked them to take one of them home. After the walk, we ate, walked through the woods, picked up cones and headed back.

What to take with you?

Based on these trips, I concluded that it was necessary to carefully prepare for the trip with the child to the zoo and provide for many points. I want to share with you a few of my observations that I lacked in this or that trip.

1) If the child is still small, and the territory of the zoo is huge, it is best to take along a cane stroller.

2) You need to go straight in the morning or after the child’s daytime sleep, because the trip is tiring, and if the kid wants to sleep, then he will no longer be pleased with any zoo.

3) My son at the age of one and a half was not interested in animals, especially predators. Therefore, it is better to agree in advance whom we are going to watch, and not to drag him around the zoo.

4) It is better to go on a weekday when there is a minimum of visitors.

5) You need to take a change of clothes, because the toilet, unfortunately, is far from the location, and while you find a suitable bush, away from the eyes of the workers, you may not be in time.

6) Take with you wet wipes, food and water for yourself, and the child, as well as for animals.

7) First, it is better to show the child pets that he knows and likes, so as not to extinguish interest.

I hope my child will eventually wake up a love for the zoo. In our next trip, I will try to provide for the maximum list of necessary things. I will conduct a conversation, talk about each animal, behavior in the zoo, security measures. But still you should not try to have time to show all the animals at once, because the child is still small and very tired.

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