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Help with sunburn, preschoolers

Summer is coming very soon, and many are already thinking about how to spend a vacation, swim, sunbathe! Some rest not far from the place of residence, while others go abroad to hot countries.

And, of course, from there you want to come back with a beautiful and even tan so that your friends can see how cool you are. But we all know that the sun is not a very useful thing. And if many adults neglect this fact, then children definitely need to take precautions in the sun.

The child has delicate skin and an unformed thermoregulation system until the end, so getting them a sunstroke or burn is very simple. By the way, scientists have proved that the lower the age of a child who is in the scorching sun, the higher then the likelihood of his skin problems in the future.

If you list the types of burns, then sunburn is considered the most loyal. But I think someone who has burned on the beach at least once will agree with me how painful it is and how terrible it is.

How to recognize sunburn?

1) Redness on the skin.

2) The skin is hot or dry to the touch (about 1-2 hours after the burn).

3) The skin begins to bake, and the baby begins to itch.

4) The skin becomes painful when touched.

5) The skin blisters, but this is a severe burn.

6) Increased body temperature, vomiting, pallor, loss of consciousness are also observed with severe burns.

What to do if a burn is received?

1) Leave the beach, and if there is no such possibility, then carry the baby into the shade.

2) Call a doctor or go to the nearest hospital if

– the baby is not 1 year old;

– The temperature of a child is above 38.5 degrees;

– vomiting or nausea:

– blisters on the skin;

3) If these symptoms do not exist, then you can cope on your own. For this:

– Moisten reddened areas with cool water, or place a damp towel on your shoulders. When the water begins to evaporate, the baby will feel a little lighter (relieves pain). Also, to cool the skin, you can use cucumber or tomato juice.

– You can use the tools after tanning, drugs against burns (panthenol or rescuer).

– It is necessary to dress the child in loose clothing, so that the body is at least in contact with the fabric.

– Give more fluid.

– If you are already at home, undress the child. And the room should be cool.

If your child has already received a small sunburn, with which you can cope on your own, then for the next few days you will not be in the sun, at least until the redness has gone. Skin abundantly grease with burns. And when the redness goes away and the skin begins to peel off, then you need to lubricate with moisturizers and lotions.

For two summers we got a small sunburn on the handles once. And this did not happen on vacation, but during a walk in the city. On the beach we were from 7.30-10.30 in the morning, and in the evening from 15.30-19.00. at this time the sun is not so active.

And I want to recommend you a very good sunscreen Chico. We smeared their baby’s skin, and it very well protected it from the sun’s rays. It is waterproof, so after bathing it does not need to be re-applied.

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