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Gym at home, preschoolers

I believe that before school parents should focus on the physical development of the child. Scientists have proved that at this age (and especially up to 3 years), physical development stimulates mental development. But my daughter, unfortunately, does not want to do exercises, is constantly distracted by other activities and screams if I try to press her.

To save my nerve cells, I came up with a gym at home, so to speak. All shells are made from scrap materials and interchangeable. Charging now lasts not 15 minutes, as before, but a whole day. That is, my daughter and I do some exercises during the day in a playful way. For example, in order to learn how to throw objects with both hands, we collect toy fruits and vegetables in a basket, and then we throw them supposedly into a saucepan and boil jam. Just like Masha from our favorite cartoon Masha and the Bear!

I conditionally divided sports games on:

Games for the development of general motor skills;

Games for the development of fine motor skills;

Games for legs (for the prevention of flatfoot).

So, here is a long incomplete list of our sports games:

  1. General Motility

  • Swing on the swing;
  • Ride a bike;

  • We crawl through the obstacles (we lay pillows on the floor or folded blankets at different distances from each other);
  • We walk on the hands;
  • We walk on an inclined surface (I put a wide board on boxes of different heights);
  • Inflatable horse (jump, sitting on the pope);
  • Hill (putting a wide board to the sofa);
  • We throw balls into a basket or basin and transfer them from one place to another (2 coxae);

  • We develop lungs (dudim in pipes and blow soap bubbles);
    We step (we lay out the bricks or boxes from under the tea on the floor at different distances from each other);
    We stretch upwards (we hang out the washed clothes on the dryer);
    We walk on a bounded surface (narrow board, glued tracks from cubes with scotch tape, clothesline);
    We run (we play geese, we run with developing ribbons);
    We jump from the elevation (Ikeev support for legs).

    Fine motor skills:

    Massage of the hands;
    We make a pyramid (we string the rings on the rod);
    We put in and lay out the caps, bochata, nested dolls;
    Glue stickers;
    Choosing cereals, nuts, buttons;

    We put nuts, buttons, pebbles in a bottle (with a narrow neck);
    We mix the dough and pinch off the pieces;
    We learn to fasten / unbutton buttons, lock, velcro, tie knots on laces.

    Games for legs:

    Foot massage;
    Walking on the grass mat;
    Walking on the orthopedic track;

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