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Games with words or how to make speech development classes more interesting and fun, preschoolers

If you think that to teach a child letters, to replenish his vocabulary or to train the correct pronunciation of sounds – this is necessary and certainly implies long hours of sitting over the alphabet – you haven’t remembered for a long time what you liked most in childhood.

After all, we all, everyone, without exception, liked to play, and I still like it, and for this I am once again grateful to my son.

So that everything that you patiently explained and read, fixed in the list or any other benefits, is not left in the passive, you need to make this knowledge part of the most interesting for the child – the game. That’s why my son and I love to play with words.

Easier than you can imagine! For all these games, which we knew very well in childhood, but forgotten in adulthood, practically no preparation, no additional materials and tools are needed, they are low-cost, have very different levels of complexity.

These are perfect games on the road and on a walk, in a queue and just at home when all purchased toys are fed up. And most importantly – after such games, the letters and grammar of the native language become much more interesting for the child.

Oral games with words

It is from these games that we started.

Classic word chain

This is a game in which one player calls the word, and the other comes up with a new one for the last letter of the previously said. We started to play for about a year at 4. Variations can be many – for very small ones it’s enough to come up with any words, we had a favorite option when it was necessary to name the objects you see, or, I quote almost literally, what happens in the city ( in the forest, at home, etc.).

For older children, it is possible to choose some narrow topics so that it would be more interesting, for example, famous musicians, writers, animals of Australia – so we were already in the company of our niece, 12 years old. Very interesting – especially when there are many children.

Another simple word-based game that will help take a child out for a walk is Halves. For the game you need to bring a ball. One player says the first syllable or two syllables, the second one catches the ball and ends it. We started with the obvious words, sometimes with some funny ones diluted.

In my opinion, it is better to instruct the first part of the word to come up with an adult all the same. For the first time tried the game in 3 years, in principle, probably, it is possible before. As they mature, the words naturally become more difficult. Now – my son is 5 years old – we have clever words in particular honor – with prefixes multi-, mega, television, etc.

By the way, instead of the halves by the same rules, you can play synonyms or antonyms to the words.

In a simple version, too, the game is somewhere for 4-5 years of age.

We make a word and say that insidious thieves have stolen all vowels from it. The task of the player is to return these letters and correctly guess the word. Suppose: I say trt – the son must guess that this word cake. Although he likes to guess the words.

The funniest thing is that there are lots of variants of words: for example, lzhk – it can be spoon, and meadow, and lounger.

Perfectly activates vocabulary, and helps to better understand the signs of vowels and consonants.

This game is already a little more difficult – it is designed for a 5-6-year-old child. It helps to pass a long way somewhere.

One player makes a word, and the other asks leading questions in order to guess it. You can only ask about the letters that are in this word, and it is very tricky: Is there any flower in the word you have?

Maybe a slightly different modification is more complicated, you need to be attentive and quick-witted (that is, you obviously should be with the beeches) – ask about each letter of the word. The conceived word begins with one of the letters of the word dwarf? etc. about all the letters.

Memory and attention trains unusually. Very long words have not yet been made, but the child is definitely interested in playing. When we play the other way around, and I guess, you need to be more careful here, because there may be no frets with spelling.

Don’t say the word

This is a kind of anti-word game, very interesting, I suppose that with age and increasing complexity it will become even more entertaining. So far, only a few times tried.

The first player names any letter, the second adds the second to it, building the intended word, the third continues, and so on. The main condition – the one who, adding the next letter, utters a real-life word – lost.

Example: to-to-(further it would be possible to say –cat, but this word, so the player needs to come up with something else) – kosh etc.

Naturally, the word will still come out sooner or later, but it’s fun to pull off this process. While I am giving in to games at the level and not planting, rather, on the contrary, I help to get away from losing.

But the potential of the game is immense – there is training in thinking and attentiveness, and expanding vocabulary, and the ability to dream.

For naming continuations of non-existent words – we start losing the game right away, with my tricky friend it was simply impossible to achieve fair play in another way.

A very simple game where the leader says the word the other way around, and the player must unravel the cipher. It is important to speak all sounds clearly, especially if we are playing with a preschooler.

In principle, you can act and vice versa – to speak a simple word, and the second player will encrypt it. You can start playing in 5-6 years, before kids are unlikely to pull it at the level of entertainment.

This is simple fun, very convenient in the queue to the doctor, for example, to play. From the child only fantasy and enthusiasm are needed. You can play from 3-3,5 years old.

The first player says the word, the second continues the word chain, calling the first association that came to his mind to this word.

For example: tree – bee – honey – winnie the pooh – a fairy tale etc.

Sometimes children can really hit their fresh and unexpected view of things.

If you want to arrange speech therapy classes, but do not want to turn them into boredom and torment for a child, you can arrange – Competition speakers. My son loves to read and doesn’t like to memorize and repeat after me – this is where the idea came from.

A simple preparatory work is needed: print various patters on a sheet and cut it into separate cards. Then we mix all the cards and read them one by one – the main condition, we immediately agree to read quickly (well, as far as the child can, it is important that he does not pull syllables on purpose). Sometimes I can ask again What-what?, They say, did not hear to fix this or that combination of sounds. The one who makes the first 5 reservations loses.

We started to get acquainted with these games quite recently, when the son began to write more or less well.

A classic game – we try to make as many small ones out of one big one. While we are playing for a while and the original words are 6-7 letters in size.

It is more interesting, but also more difficult. We come up with a word, for preschoolers it is better to have a short one and agree that we should hide it inside another. The location of the letters inside is not fundamental.

For example, you need to hide the word cat. Mass options – turner, cattle, terracotta, nook etc.

We choose a letter in advance and invent words on it so that each new one is one letter longer.

Who has a higher ladder out, he won.

These simple but very entertaining games are perfectly complemented by the board game Scrabble and the computer game Balda, and it’s fun and interesting to learn Russian!

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