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Festive games and competitions for children 5 years old, preschoolers

How to organize the birthday of a five year old child? The easiest way is to go to a children’s cafe, an entertainment center or to attract a professional animator. But experienced mothers know that the atmosphere of home holidays is remembered for a lifetime, with delicious mother’s pastries, funny games and contests. I hope my advice will be useful for moms-enthusiasts on the difficult path of organizing a children’s holiday.

10 secrets of the animator

1. Sensibly evaluate the capabilities of the birthday man and his guests. Not all five-year-olds can read and write, so contests starting with read or write should better be deleted from the list. Even if among the ten invited five-year plans there will be only 2-3 non-readers, this will create certain discomfort for them.

2. All children love to run and jump, but consider the possibilities of their own living space. On the territory of Khrushchev is very difficult to run in bags.

3. Always alternate contests and games: outdoor games – creative (quiet) or intellectual competition – again mobile games.

4. Prepare souvenirs and small gifts for each player, such as balloons, small hairpins, eggs with surprises, coloring, etc.

5. It is much more interesting for children at this age not only to play games or participate in contests, but to become participants in a thematic party. Therefore, all contests should be united by some topic.

6.If all the children are on the same gender holiday, feel free to choose a cartoon theme. Girls will like to try on the images of fairies Winx, and boys become superheroes for a couple of hours. But if the gender of the children is different, it is better to choose a neutral topic, such as travel or search.

7. Is the topic invented? Create entourage. If you are traveling with your child through the pages of his favorite book or cartoon, add to the decoration of the apartment certain elements that indicate this. Prepare a themed treat.

8. Music! This is a very important element. She is able to create an atmosphere. The sounds of the forest, children’s songs or catchy melodies – all this will help to make the holiday unforgettable.

9. Do not forget about treats. It is better to divide it into two parts. Let the children eat before the contest, but leave the birthday cake and tea for the final.

10. Not all children love when parents participate or pry, so parents also need to do something. Give them tasks as the game progresses. Someone will be a sound engineer, someone operator, and on someone entrust the obligation to prepare contests.

After the topic is selected, it remains to take care of the content, that is, games and competitions. Do now have to look for games that match the topic? Not at all. A bit of entourage, and running in bags will turn into jumping over the gorge.


The essence of the game: Players need to be divided into two teams. Each player in the team leading tie with a string around the waist, gets a chain.

Plywood tussocks (paper slips) or tussocks of self-adhesive film are laid out on the floor, along which the team needs to move to the other side. Win those who do it first.

The game is fun, as the rope prevents one player from breaking away from the team, moreover, several people can be on a hummock at once.

You will need: two ropes, 20 bumps (these can be ordinary rectangles).

2 Pack up a pack

The essence of the game: the lead whispers to each child the name of the animal (cow, dog, cat, duck). The task of the children, not talking to each other, but emitting the sounds of this animal, is to gather in a flock.

3 Spread out fruits and vegetables

The essence of the game: Given a certain set of fruits and vegetables, for example: apple, banana, orange, tangerine, potatoes, carrots, beets, etc. The players’ task: to put fruits in one basket, and vegetables in another. This can be done either by turns or by dividing players into teams.

You will need: Two baskets (if there are two teams, then baskets are four) with the inscriptions vegetables and fruits, the fruits and vegetables themselves.

The contest is intellectual, but quite capable of five year olds.

The essence of the game: The leader dictates the beginning of the name of the hero of the fairy tale, and the children continue. For example: Baba … (Yaga), Man … (spider), Crocodile … (Gena), Old Woman … (Shapoklyak), Karabas … (Barabas), etc.

five. Fishermen

The essence of the game: Players are divided into teams. In basins put toys with magnets or ordinary magnets. The first player of the team is given a fishing rod with a magnet, his task is to reach the basin, fish it out, put it in a bucket and return to the team in order to pass the fishing rod to the next player. The winner is the team, the catch of which will be more.

6 The cat in the bag

This game will be a great final chord. It is simple, calm, and as a result, each of the kids will receive a souvenir.

The essence of the game: a certain number of objects (sweets, toys, souvenirs) are put into the bag or hat, a little more than the number of participants. Each player in turn must run his hand in the bag, grope for some object, and guess it. Guessing – you take away a souvenir yourself.

You will need: not a transparent bag or a hat with a scarf, souvenirs.

Games and contests, of course, can be more. The main thing – do not overdo it, and give children the opportunity to relax. Everything else depends on your imagination!

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