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Fear of performances in childhood, preschoolers

How many can remember from 5 to 24 exactly, I did not go down from the stage. School shows, KVN, performances, student theater, choir, concerts – this was my life, my air.

Shyness has nothing to do with it

This is despite the fact that in life I am a very shy girl. So with all the responsibility I can say that the fear of the scene and the natural shyness are not related to each other. You can be a star on the stage and are afraid to buy an icon in the kiosk.

Already later, as an adult, I found the answer why it happens. On stage, you play a role, no one is available; nobody will send you, will not offend, while you act. You seem to be protected from the outside world by this very scene.

And if we add to this talent and confidence that, like you, no one will succeed, then there is nothing at all afraid of speeches.

This is my knowledge, extracted from the very depths of my soul, from years of experience and hundreds of concerts.

My daughter

And imagine, I notice that my daughter is afraid of public speaking. Why are there public. Own group!

The first teacher sounded the alarm. She said that Sonya doesn’t have much to do in the classroom, she can see by her eyes, she knows, and more than many, and does not want to talk.

Then it came to poetry – she burst into tears while reading.

And most of all it kills me, that it progresses with age. That is, in early childhood this was not, but how to go to school, so here you are.

Conversation with the baby

I decided to quietly find out that Sonya was in the shower, to talk to her unobtrusively.

She asked how she felt when she cried, and why it happened. According to the child, when the children began to recite poems, she was completely calm, but while she was waiting for her turn, she became very agitated, and so she began to cry during her performance.

I asked the teacher to call her first when they teach poetry to the matinee. And during the class, too, ask her, not waiting for Sonya to raise her hand.

The technique worked. When a daughter is called first, she does not have time to get excited and responds much better, at least without tears.


After the problem made itself felt, I wondered how Sonya was going to perform with the dance ensemble if she was afraid of concerts?
And here she was surprised me. How how? Simply. I do not think about dancing at all. I only think about movements there, in order to do it right and in time. I don’t have time to think about a stranger!

Got it? That is, the child is aware that while he is waiting for his turn to recite a rhyme, he winds himself up with some thoughts.

My tactic

I understood that educators cannot deal only with the problems of my child and remember this all the time. Therefore, I decided to act directly through Sonkino consciousness.

She told her daughter what was happening to her. She agreed. And I suggested to her not to think about anything bad while she was waiting for her performance. And they simply repeat the words of the poem in their heads, sing the song to themselves, mentally repeat the movements of the dance as many times as there is time left.

She advised her not to listen to how other children perform, but to concentrate on learning and repetition.

Girls, I don’t know what exactly helped, but closer to the end of the year the teacher said that things were getting better. And the daughter often boasted that while her turn came, she repeated the words of the poem to herself.

I really hope that even dance concerts will help her to feel inside the artistic core and desire to perform. I saw her at a concert and I know how focused she is, how she tries, how she wants everything to be super.

It seems that if a problem arises in a child, you should not expect that she herself will decide, at least something should be done.

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