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Favorite dishes of preschoolers, preschoolers

Of course, each child is individual and has its own taste preferences. However, many dishes like almost all children.


Our favorites are semolina. It is her daughter who is ready to eat every day, even twice. I boil the porridge on regular store milk, add butter, sugar and strawberries. In extreme cases, you can add honey or syrup from the jam.

Last summer, I prepared a lot of strawberry dachas, which I ground with a blender with the addition of sugar, packed in sudochki and plastic bags and placed in a freezer.

Figure daughter uses mainly in the form of pilaf, which she loves. The only condition is that there should not be a barberry in it, but the carrots are welcome.

Other porridges of the house, alas, do not enjoy success. Although in kindergarten, the daughter until the last crumb eats both buckwheat, and porridge, and even porridge from peas.

Of all the meat products, cutlets and chops are the most successful. I do not have steamers, so I fry them in olive oil in breadcrumbs. I take any meat – pork, chicken, turkey; I cook the stuffing myself for the future and keep it in the freezer.

If you have time, I can refine the shape of cutlets – make them in the form of small balls or hearts, for example.

Unfortunately, this is only pasta. Potatoes are not accepted in any form, even if you make a snowman from mashed potatoes – it’s all the same.

But my daughter’s friend is ready to eat only potatoes, he even eats it raw sometimes. As you can see, everything is individual.

Here we have even worse than with side dishes. Unlike me, my daughter does not like fish. Very rarely can eat a small piece of red fish or baked river trout. Oh yeah, she likes crayfish;)

The only fish-related product that the daughter is ready to eat around the clock is red caviar. In the form of a sandwich or pancakes with her – you can not ottyesh for the ears.

I try to cook them myself and keep them in the freezer – dumplings, dumplings with potatoes, for example. However, I will not hide, sometimes it happens that we use and shop. I know that there is little good in them, but for the most extreme case I have this option.

By the way, in the kindergarten menu there are often dumplings with potatoes or cottage cheese, served with sour cream.

In this category I want to include pizza. Sometimes we have a cultural program – going to the pizzeria, and the pizza there, believe me, is so tasty that it is impossible to break away.

Honestly, I have not yet seen a child who does not like red borscht. Of course, you need to ensure that it is not too fat and rich, so as not to overload the fragile digestive system.

Cooking soup can be different. According to my observations, the daughter does not distinguish the lean version from chicken or pork.

Of the rest of the soups we have in honor chicken (on homemade chicken), buckwheat, rice, with meatballs. Sometimes it is possible to persuade in the ear. Almost never manage to persuade the green borscht (which I love very much).

Of these, the daughter consumes milk (drinks or porridge on it), cottage cheese (children’s cottage cheese), yogurt desserts and, if they can be included in this category, dairy desserts Kinder (MilkSluis).

Often we have milk with biscuits or buns instead of dinner, and our daughter eats cottage cheese or yoghurt after a day’s nap in the afternoon.

Of the vegetables, cucumbers in their most popular form are used: salted, pickled and fresh. The rest of the vegetables are not very tasted. Is that sometimes carrots.

Favorite fruits are apples, pears, peaches and plums. She also loves corn, strawberries, watermelon, melons and grapes. In winter, he often eats bananas and oranges (or in the form of freshly squeezed juice).

Because, I am afraid that the daughter will be complete, in the sweet I try to limit it. However, this is rarely required, because she is all in me – completely inert to sweets. Is that chocolate eggs, but they are partly acquired because of the toys. Less often lollipops – on a stick or caramel usual.

In the summer, we often buy ice cream, but the sweet pastry – cakes, pies, little babies are not interested in pies.

Remember that we are what we eat. The body is not a garbage pit into which you can throw anything at all indiscriminately. Keep track of the quality and quantity of your baby’s food.

If the kid categorically refuses many dishes, think, maybe it is worth changing them a little? Add a new ingredient or spices, for example, or put the same porridge on a butterfly-shaped plate.

And what dishes do your kids love?

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