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Educational games for children 2-3 years, preschoolers

Physical development and education of children of preschool age

On the issue of children’s health, my friend Nadia has always worked as a teacher, and she advises the parents of the children to pay more attention to developing games with the kids. I will share her experience with you, maybe someone will be useful and interesting …

Nadezhda considers active games, including all basic types of movements, to be part of the physical education of children.

Nadia teaches her children how to walk properly with the help of various equipment and paraphernalia. Kids love to walk between objects placed on the floor (dice, pins, stubs), with safety net on a sloping board, stepping from hummock to hummock, along wide curved paths, and colored logs.

He attaches kids to running through outdoor games with leading (adult) and catching (children), through running to overcome elementary obstacles.
And how kids love to throw, roll, catch, carry and pass on colorful balls and balls!

In the warm season, Nadia often offers kids jumping over obstacles, rubber bands. In sports halls (usually during the cold season), climbing walls use Swedish walls, sofas, hoops, tunnels.

For the prevention of flat-footedness provides trampling on the massage studded mats, bags with stitched sticks, chestnuts, traffic jams, caps, cereals. Round dance games and girlfriend dance elements include children’s festivals, entertainment, holidays. During the charge-tale in poems Nadia plays with children in games with elements of hiding and blind man’s buff.

The development of fine motor skills

Hope, as a teacher, systematically solves this important problem for the formation of an accurate eye gauge, strength of hands and the development of the correct speech of children.

Children 2-3 years old are invited to touch, touch, fasten, thread, lace up. For such work, an educator needs educational toys (flat shoes, coats, dresses, hats, cars, trains, and much more).

I noticed that the kids like the liners a variety of jars of beans, cereals, pasta, shells, wooden beads. During games on the visual activity (application without sticking), children can easily actively tear large pieces of paper, laying them out on sticky picture-bases.

Very common in our practice games with sand and sand sets (spatulas, rake, buckets).

Often it is necessary to observe how Nadiny’s children, sitting at tables, play with enthusiasm with constructors, cubes, blocks. Here, a friend offers to play with the characters from the finger theater.
Fine art

Traditionally, children paint in gouache and watercolor with a brush, colored pencils, crayons, felt-tip pens, pens. But they can draw (I welcome this) unconventionally – potatoes, a sponge, fingers, cotton buds, rubber boots, crumpled leaves of paper, sprigs, toothbrushes, palms, etc.

A lot of joy brings children working with non-traditional materials on the application. Here a friend advises to use pieces of multi-colored fabric, leather, beads, threads, fine wire, vegetable seeds.
It is interesting to mold with plasticine, but sometimes it is better to make salty dough; it is clear that it is even more interesting to do the work using the method of dough. Then figures from salt dough need to be baked in the oven and let them decorate.

In the evening (before bedtime) you need to focus on quiet games such as Circle the mold – it develops the brush, the eye and the sense of color.

Role playing (role playing)

I know that children’s corners of ryazhenia are very much in demand, where kids, reincarnating into someone, put on aprons, scarves, skirts, beads, wreaths. In Nadine corner of the family, children play with dolls – they are fed, clothed, put to sleep, treated, sing songs for them, dance.

Didactic games that develop sensory standards, memory, logical thinking

These are mostly games at the tables. A friend offers children to work with handouts and leaves (find differences, similarities, draw something, determine what animal to feed, distribute houses between the characters, name the group with one word, etc.)

Games that develop the sense of smell, human touch

The guys love to go to music classes. There Nadia sings with them, plays with sounding musical instruments and household objects that create sound effects. He tries to teach him to listen and understand different genres of music (classical, folk), creates an atmosphere for dancing, singing, drawing.

Learning to read and write

Nadya provides in her game with children the study of numbers, letters and syllables in various ways (reading signs, self-made books, playing with Zaitsev’s cubes, Doman presentations, etc.). As an educator, Nadezhda suggests children solving riddles, inventing names, fantasizing, viewing illustrations, watching cartoons, educational films, listening to audio fairy tales.

Child and the world

Spend a lot of time in conversations with your child to your family (who is who, looking at photos of relatives, suggest identifying yourself, etc.).

Expand the horizons of the child by studying natural and social phenomena (time of day, weather and natural phenomena, landscape of the earth, calendar, days of the week, holidays, growing plants, birds flying, planetary movements, light and shade, living in space, turning substances from one state into other, from different countries and people).

I am sure that at this age – 1-3 years old, children should acquire basic behavioral skills in society, knowledge of etiquette, and polite treatment of people around them.

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