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Daughter marries me, preschoolers

Frankly, marriage is not part of my plans. At least for the next 10 years for sure. The strict schedule for achieving a dream is painted weekly and the man simply does not fit in there – even if he wanted to.

No man will sacrifice a familiar and measured life for the woman to reach some kind of ephemeral heights there. Especially considering that the goal is really unusual and completely incomprehensible to others.

No, of course, sometimes it punches me on a well, maybe like everything? Especially after the next sentence of marriage. And I start to think like a madman to think about a wedding, keep an eye on rings, draw sketches of a wedding suit. But a week or two goes by and the brain gets into place.

Actually, almost half a year has passed since the last such clouding of the mind, and I forgot to think about Mendelssohn’s waltz, double rings and other nonsense. If not for the daughter.

My daughter is neither more nor less than 4 years. That is, the age is somewhat wrong to think about such things. And, reflecting the attacks on this topic from friends and relatives, I did not expect that she would be worthy of such a thing. And that’s how it turned out.


An unsuspecting mother walked with the child home from the store. Young people sat on a small company bench. Not far from them – a slide, on which my daughter decided to wrap up. I went further to the entrance – the benefit there are about ten meters. But there is a bench – put the bags.

And the next morning, going for a walk, my daughter gave me:
– Mom, kill your hair.
– And so stabbed (collected in the tail).
– No, you are beautifully stabbed. And blouse another put on.
– What for? I’m comfortable with this.
– That is more beautiful.
– I do not want.

Daughter, seriously looking from under her eyebrows: Mom! There, the uncle wants to meet you, and you are in an ugly blouse! Quickly changed your clothes!

Then I sat down. On the sofa. Convulsively gulping air in an attempt to understand what it was all about now.

I sat down, I thought – probably the child has done something. She loves me to dream.

But we had only to go out into the yard … as my daughter pulled me by the sleeve:
– Mom, straighten your back!
– There is that uncle. Send to him.

I, of course, was taken aback. But this little self-styled matchmaker grabbed me by the blouse and dragged me straight to the young man.

– Here is my mom. – I was burning with shame and dreamed of falling under the ground. Attempts to bow out and take the child away were unsuccessful. And the petty piglet became like a real traveling salesman to praise me for my uncle almost ten years younger than me: and I cook well, and I knit it – look, what kind of hat. Mom and you such a tie.

Uncle smiled and kept up the conversation, choking with laughter. And then he left.

I had only to rejoice and begin to explain to the child that this is not done as the young man returned with three portions of ice cream. My favorite. When the daughter managed to pass – I did not understand.

I had to communicate, while the young Miss burst delicacy. But as soon as she finished, she was sent to the notorious hill. To dot the e, apologize and say all that in similar cases should be said. But she did not have time to open her mouth.

– You have a lovely daughter.
– Yes thank you.
– I would like to be her father.

Right off the bat. I silently opened and closed my mouth, not knowing what to say.

– You do not worry, I have already agreed with her. She does not mind. You do not mind? He asked louder for the child to hear.
– What?
– Do you mind if your mom is my wife?
– Mom, let’s go get married! – My green-eyed miracle shouted merrily, waved a pen and rolled down a hill.

What will happen next – while I am at a loss. But I’m already afraid to go out. Because they have already agreed to lease me to the cinema.

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