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Commercial or state garden: what to choose, preschoolers

Talking about the choice between two gardens – commercial and state – can be a stretch. Most parents come to a private kindergarten, because they did not provide the state. My eldest daughter went to a state pre-school institution, and the youngest one went to a commercial structure. Therefore, I can judge their pros and cons.

I will begin, perhaps, with a private kindergarten. We go into it now and fresh impressions.

Commercial how to choose

In this age of the Internet, any information is available, incl. about preschool institutions. We found our on the Internet.

I chose one about which I did not find a single negative review. Of course, we all know how these reviews are written. Therefore, I still caught a couple of mothers, whose children attend this institution, and asked them. All only with enthusiasm talked about the head, educators and the situation in general.

In addition, I liked:

– location (5 minutes from home)

– conditions (looked at all the rooms, kitchen and bathroom)

– a lot of extra classes that the garden offered

I have to say that we went only 3 months for the whole day, but due to constant illnesses we decided to change the visiting schedule. By agreement with the manager, my daughter goes to the garden only 3 days a week for 4 hours. He dances there, sings, does exercises and sculpts something.

If I did not have the opportunity to sit at home, we would go for a whole day. But now we are cheaper.

1. The possibility of choosing a place (state is provided by the city administration and if given far from home, the only way out is to look for an exchange)

2. A small number of groups (we have 10 people, always walking less, therefore, more attention).

3. The ability to negotiate with the head of a special visit. In our can be at least 12 days to come. And you can bring on weekends, and pick up later than usual. Naturally for a fee.

1. High payment, for days of illness recalculate 50%.

2. Not all kindergartens have state control *

* Here I am talking about those gardens that are organized at home. In fact, the child is with someone else’s aunt just like that. Our manager has an IP registered, the doctor comes to check the children once a week, the rooms themselves are sanitized all the time, because all time checks are carried out.

3. Nowhere to complain. I read a lot of reviews that the managers only shrug their shoulders to the complaints of the parents. Do not like it – look for another garden.

4. Not all gardens have their own territory. In our there is a small fenced plot. But some bastards have already broken a wooden fence.

The eldest daughter retired to MDOU for 4 years. During this time, tutors, and even the manager, took turns. Nothing bad about the garden can not say. With the tutor we are in excellent relations, we still meet her on the street and almost embrace with joy. But still there were disadvantages during our stay in the institution.

1. Low pay, sick days, confirmed by a certificate, are not paid.

2. State control and the opportunity to complain to the head or to the department of education, if it’s really bad (our grandmother doesn’t get into the pocket for a word, and regularly complained to all instances, once even reached the assistant mayor :).

3. Landscaped territory, in our gate opened only on the call of the parent to watch.

1. A large number of children in groups.

2. Change the garden is difficult.

3. You can not visit the institution of its mode.

– the mass of developmental activities
– holidays and interesting events

– diseases (it turns out that the number of people in the group does not affect this matter, the younger daughter is sick with the arrival in the kindergarten as often as the older one)

I do not have any bright negative impressions about either or the other kindergarten. It seems to me that the main thing is to approach the choice of an institution with special care. With regard to public institutions in our city, this practice – in the administration they immediately note which ones you want to get into. Therefore, you can choose the garden, which will appeal.

I tried to draw attention to those moments that seemed important to me. So if you missed something, ask!

And what are the disadvantages / advantages of preschool institutions you can highlight?

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